Hino Window Sticker by VIN Lookup

A Hino window sticker lookup is one of the most important checks a car buyer or seller should carry out before buying or selling a Hino truck. With a window sticker, every detail about the features, pricing, options, color, safety ratings, and so on, is made plain for everyone to see. With this information, you can verify the specifications of any vehicle and make informed decisions. Get a sticker now!

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How to Get the Hino window sticker by VIN?

Usually, most people in the used car market want to know about the standard and optional equipment, original interior and exterior colors, safety ratings, and more. This serves as a guide for car buyers and makes the buying process easier. What is a window sticker? It is a document that is attached to the windows of new and used vehicles for sale.

The sticker is a legal requirement for all new vehicles sold in the United States due to the 1958 disclosure act, but you may not find them on used trucks. To get an OEM window sticker, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter the 17 digit VIN number into the form on this page.
  2. If the VIN is less than 17 digits, our classic car build sheet tool can assist.
  3. Provide your email address and fill out the form completely.
  4. Complete the necessary payment steps.
  5. Review and retrieve the detailed truck sticker and get information about the vehicle.

You can also check the history of that vehicle with our VIN check tool. Get a detailed report alongside the sticker.

What Information Does Our Hino Window Sticker Lookup Provide?

When buyers and sellers lookup window stickers they gain access to vital information including:

  • Vehicle description: Complete details about the make and model, trim, engine type, and transmission information.
  • Standard features and equipment: A breakdown of factory-installed equipment during production.
  • Interior and exterior features: Descriptions of the features shaping the truck’s interior and exterior.
  • Mechanical features: Insights into the mechanical components contributing to the vehicle’s performance.
  • Exterior and interior colors: Details about available color options.
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): The suggested retail price set by the manufacturer.
  • Destination charge & total price:s: Information about associated shipping costs for any Hino and also total price.
  • Optional equipment/packages: Details on factory options or optional packages.
  • Fuel economy ratings and costs: Information on the fuel economy ratings including city and highway MPG ratings and the annual fuel costs.
  • Warranty information: Coverage details for various components.
  • Emissions ratings: Information about the vehicle’s environmental impact.
  • NHTSA Safety features and ratings: Insights into motor vehicle safety features and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Safety ratings.


When you generate a window sticker by VIN, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s specifications and features, ensuring a more informed and confident ownership experience.

Why Should You Get a Hino Window Sticker?

Why do you need vehicle window stickers? Here are some of the benefits of getting one:

For Buyers:

  • Knowing the Original Sticker Price: With an idea of the vehicle’s cost while it was still brand new, used truck buyers can estimate the possible present cost of the vehicles they are interested in now.
  • Detailed Features Inspection: Buyers check specific information like model details, engine size, transmission type, and factory-installed equipment and have a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s specifications.
  • Fuel Efficiency Clarity: Buyers can understand the vehicle’s fuel economy ratings, gaining insights into MPG and annual fuel consumption costs.
  • Transparent Options and Costs: Buyers clearly see standard and optional features along with associated costs, aiding informed decision-making and negotiations.
  • Safety Ratings and Warranty: Warranty details and safety ratings can help buyers determine their level of security ensuring confidence in their purchase.

For Sellers:

  • Building trust: For sellers, providing detailed information builds trust with potential buyers, demonstrating transparency about the vehicle’s specifications.
  • Transparent breakdown: By offering a transparent breakdown of vehicle features and options, dealers facilitate fair comparisons, contributing to informed decision-making by buyers.


Don’t pay for that vehicle without using window stickers as you may not be happy with the results. Get a reproduction of the vehicle information on the original window sticker instantly. 

Where can I find a Hino VIN Number?

An Hino Vehicle Identification Number, known as the VIN, can be found on several parts of the vehicle including the:

  1. Dashboard of the vehicle
  2. Driver’s door jamb
  3. Under the hood
  4. Certificate of title
  5. Insurance card
  6. Registration documents
check VIN online

Hino Window Sticker Lookup for Car Dealers

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Display your dealership’s name, logo, and contact information on these stickers easily. You can also request for the sticker to be designed to match your dealership’s theme. These stickers are fully customizable to cater to your needs and are provided in downloadable pdf files and are completely print-friendly. Download these stickers in one click!

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About Hino

Hino Motors, a renowned Japanese manufacturer specializing in commercial vehicles, has carved a significant niche in the automotive industry. Established in 1942, Hino has seamlessly blended innovation with reliability, becoming a trusted name globally. The company’s commitment to crafting sturdy trucks and buses has propelled it to the forefront of the commercial vehicle market. Hino’s diverse product line includes a spectrum of trucks tailored to meet the varying needs of businesses, from compact models to heavy-duty vehicles.

What sets Hino apart is its dedication to sustainability. Hino has been a pioneer in developing environmentally friendly technologies for its fleet. The incorporation of hybrid and electric powertrains reflects the company’s forward-thinking approach towards reducing the environmental impact of transportation. As businesses increasingly focus on sustainable practices, Hino’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions positions it as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of commercial vehicles.

Window Stickers for All Hino Models

  • 155
  • 195
  • 258
  • 268
  • 338
  • L6
  • XL7
  • S’elega
  • XL8
  • 300 Series
  • 500 Series
  • 700 Series
  • Liesse
  • Rainbow
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Poncho

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can definitely lookup the window sticker for your vehicle using the VIN or license plate number and our lookup tool. The window sticker reveals standard equipment and pricing, options and packages, MSRP of the vehicle, engine and transmission, powertrain information, total price of the vehicle, security features, tested and rated safety features, safety ratings, exterior and interior features, QR code, and more.

The factory window sticker is a label that is attached to the windows of new cars and also found on used cars and trucks. It shows the features, optional equipment installed, total MSRP, and contains important information that you wouldn’t want to miss.

No, Carfax does not offer this service.

Yes, you can get a build sheet from a VIN number with our VIN search tool. To get one, navigate to our build sheet tool and enter the vehicle’s information.