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Date of experience: November 11, 2023

I am a Cadillac Product Trainer and looking to purchase a Cadillac. The website was very easy to use, the pricing was very fair and the window sticker arrived within a few minutes. A perfect experience and not only do I recommend them, I will certainly use them again!

Robert | USA
Date of experience: November 15, 2023

I got a window sticker for my vehicle and was surprised at how accurate it was and how quickly it was delivered! It was helpful when I sold my vehicle so the buyer could see what all options it came with. I definitely recommend this service!

Steve | USA
Date of experience: October 19, 2023

I received the window sticker very quickly. I was very satisfied with it. It's a good addition to own something like this to show the vehicle's history.

Christopher Ruocco | USA
Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Great experience with the purchase of a window sticker. Had a follow up call from Brian tonight and he did a great job checking on my satisfaction of the service.

Ray Fouler | USA
Date of experience: October 22, 2023

Definitely the way to go when looking for vehicle info- much cheaper than competitors. All the same information was included too. Also the Window Stickers are a great unique addition or fun selling point for a vehicle. Customer service ensured I was satisfied with my purchase, I highly recommend.

Ben | USA

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What is a Window Sticker?

A window sticker is mandated for display on all new cars in the U.S. It provides essential information about the car, its manufacturer along with the features, options (optional equipment) & packages it comes with. The label is typically placed on the side window or windshield of a car, usually on the driver’s side.

Following the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958 led by Oklahoma senator Mike Monroney, the NHTSA and EPA updated the rule in May 2011, mandating the new label for 2013 models and above to include an estimate of fuel or electricity consumption for 100 miles, thus providing a clue of the fuel consumption per distance traveled. This update is especially crucial for electric, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell, flexible-fuel, and natural gas vehicles manufactured in the United States.

Breakdown of an Original Window Sticker

Following is the detailed breakdown of a window sticker and what it includes:

VIN Description

It includes details like the year, make, model, and VIN number of the car.

Interior & Exterior Color

It includes interior and exterior color. This information is essential for buyers seeking customization and ensures that they can choose a ride that matches their aesthetic preferences.

Standard Equipment, Features & Warranties

It includes a comprehensive overview of original equipment that came with the car from the manufacturer. Here’s the rundown of the details available in the section:

MSRP(Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), Total price & Shipping Cost

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Recommended Retail Price (RRP) serves as a pricing guideline for dealerships, maintaining consistent prices for buyers. However, it is flexible, allowing them to set prices below or above the MSRP, based on various factors either to make profit or accelerate sales.

This price is also known as “sticker price”, offering transparency in costs, communicating the initial value, setting price expectations and facilitating fair negotiations in the car buying process.

Options and Packages

These are extra features added during manufacturing, allowing buyers to know the additional offerings beyond the standard features. These may include heated steering wheel, premium sound system, aerodynamics package etc. Aside from helping buyers confirm what the dealer claimed is installed, this information also allows car buyers to efficiently streamline their purchase options to cars that align with their budget, preferences and lifestyle.

EPA Fuel Economy and Environment Ratings

The fuel economy ratings section on the top right corner of the label details the efficiency, with information on miles per gallon (MPG) for city and highway driving. It also specifies the fuel type (gasoline, diesel, electric, hydrogen, plug-in hybrid), crucial for buyers seeking fuel efficiency and environmental considerations. It also suggests the annual fuel costs, which estimates the yearly expense based on the automobile’s fuel efficiency, aiding budget planning for buyers.

NHTSA Safety Rating

The sticker includes the NHTSA safety rating which is a crucial metric reflecting the automobile’s safety performance in tests. It’s rated from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest, and provides buyers with essential insights into the automobile’s overall safety.

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Benefits of Window Sticker

Window sticker is a beneficial document for car shoppers, sellers and even dealerships: Here are some statistics to prove that its  substantial in car buying and selling process:

A study by J.D. Power found that 43% of car buyers use window stickers as a source of information when researching vehicles online 

Also one report by AutoTrader revealed that 61% of car shoppers said they are more likely to contact a dealer if the online listing includes a window sticker

A research by Cox Automotive showed that window stickers can improve the conversion rate of online leads by 25%.

Hence, it proves that it’s an essential tool. Here’s how window sticker is beneficial for all these parties:

  • Compare different vehicles and find the best deal for their needs and budget.
  • Verify the vehicle information and avoid scams or frauds.
  • Learn about the vehicle features and specifications and make an informed decision.
  • Efficiently compare fuel efficiency, safety valuations, and additional features.
  • Confidently negotiate prices, ensuring they get the best value for their money.
  • Sellers
  • Efficiently communicate car’s key features to buyers. Gain a competitive edge by showcasing the car’s strengths and features.
  • Showcase the vehicle features and specifications and justify the price.
  • Increased credibility demonstrating transparency and professionalism in the selling process.
  • Dealership
  • Comply with the federal and state laws that require them to display the information and price of a new car.
  • Market their brand and products to potential customers.
  • Differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase their customer loyalty and retention.
  • Provide accurate and updated information about their vehicles and avoid errors or disputes.
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    Window Stickers Lookup By VIN for All Manufacturers

    The Ultimate Guide to Window Stickers

    Learn More with our Exclusive Guide:

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    Customized and Branded Car Window Sticker for Car Dealership

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    Access the generated sticker on your dashboard, available for online viewing and downloadable as a PDF.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no service online offering free to get the original window sticker lookup by VIN. Detailed window sticker information requires premium services, so it’s advisable to check these service providers to compare their prices.

    A sticker is a label on a new vehicle, displaying a window sticker information like the MSRP, specifications, factory options packages and pricing, fuel efficiency, and safety ratings.

    Yes, you can look up window stickers by VIN. A car’s Window Sticker or Monroney label offers details on factory options, pricing, recommended retail price, engine specs, standard features, fuel economy and environmental protection, and more. When buying a new car, detailed information about the car, including specifications and features, is crucial. Get a window sticker look up today.

    It helps buyers and car dealers make informed decisions by providing transparent information about a vehicle’s specifications and features. Get a window sticker look up today.

    Yes, stickers are legally mandated for every new automobile for sale in the United States to enhance transparency in the car-buying process. However, you can also get a copy of the OEM window sticker for any used car or truck using the online window sticker lookup tool provided by DetailedVehicleHistory.