With our free All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) VIN check tool you can uncover a lot about the history of any ATV.  You can discover important information on safety recalls, service and repair history, mileage records with specifications including features and packages the ATV contains. 

 An ATV is also known as All-Terrain Vehicle is a motorized off-highway automobile that travels on non-pneumatic or low-pressure tires. The vehicle is also known as a three-wheeler, quad, quadricycle, four-wheeler, or four-track.

More than 1.2 million people own an ATV in the United States. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are well known for their speed and strength and the adventures they offer.

It is worthy to note that ATVs are manufactured for a single operator, but in recent times, some companies are actively developing and manufacturing ATVs for one rider and passenger, such ATVs are known as tandem ATVs.

What is an ATV VIN?

Every Vehicle on the roads including all ATVs has its own unique 17-character alphanumeric code commonly known as VIN Number ( Vehicle Identification Number). Every letter and number has a specific meaning about the ATV. The characters help to recognize details of the ATVs such as the manufacturer, location and year of manufacture, and much more. The letters I, i, O, o, Q, and q are never to be utilized to avoid confusion with numbers 1 and 0. A standard  VIN format is followed by all ATV manufacturers.

Where to find an ATV VIN?

ATV VINs are often imprinted into the side or front frame rails. However, there is no common way of finding a VIN on an  ATV because every ATV manufacturer displays the VIN in different positions.

Below are a few examples of where you can locate the VIN Number on the different ATV manufacturers.

    • Kawasaki: VIN number on a Kawasaki ATV is stamped on the lower frame tube, to the left of the engine. 
    • Polaris: For late-model ATVs, the VIN is usually stamped into the left frame rail behind the left front wheel. On early model ATVs, you can find the VIN on the certification decal located on the front center body panel (in front of the handlebars). For Very early models, VIN may consist of only 8 digits. On these ATVs, the VIN and the model number must be used in combination to identify the ATV.
    • Suzuki: As for Suzuki, VIN is usually stamped on the bottom left side of the ATV frame or the left backside of the ATV frame. 
    • Yamaha: For a Yamaha ATV,  VIN is stamped on the lower frame tube between the front and back wheels, or the frame rail behind the left rear wheel.
    • Honda: As for Honda, VIN is Embedded on the front cross member found behind the rack at the front.

You can also find the VIN number located on the following documents:

  • Title or registration papers
  • Insurance paper
  • Repair receipts or maintenance records
  • Original dealer bill of sale

How to Read an ATV VIN Number?

Generally, a VIN is divided into three main sections, such as:

  • World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)

The first three characters of the VIN are known as the WMI code. These characters indicate the ATV manufacturer as well as the country of origin.

  • Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)

The next six characters from the fourth to the ninth position are known as Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS). These characters represent the characteristics of the ATV which may include the model, body type, and so on. The ninth digit is a security check that verifies the previous characters as authorized by the manufacturer.

  • Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS)

The next eight Characters from the tenth to the seventeenth position are known as the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS).  These characters indicate vital information such as the engine, plant code, transmission, and model year.

Why should you consider an ATV VIN Check?

Every Person can not spend thousands of dollars on a brand new ATV with all of the latest features. For most people, the only way of jumping into the exciting sport of riding ATV is by purchasing a pre-owned ATV. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a pre-owned ATV as long as you have done your due diligence by decoding the ATV VIN using our lookup tool. There are some straightforward things that you need to know and what to look for before you decide to buy a pre-owned ATV. Checking the history of pre-owned ATVs by running an ATV VIN lookup tool is an important part of the process. You must know the fact that people are not always honest, particularly when it comes to getting rid of an issue.

The main thing is knowing an ATV’s history will certainly assist in making an informed decision. Now, here is a tool called free ATV VIN Check that is quite simple to use. 

Detailed vehicle History runs an extensive database with vital and critical information on registered vehicles across the United States & Canada including ATVs from all manufacturers and makes

Here are the three reasons to make an ATV VIN check.

  • TO UNCOVER THE PAST: Our free ATV VIN lookup helps potential ATV  buyers to know or uncover the dirty past of an ATV. ATVs are tough machines, made to be driven in tough terrains, hence they may at one point or the other develop some serious mechanical issues, an ATV VIN lookup will go a long way in helping uncover any of such history.
  • TO UNDERSTAND THE CURRENT MARKET VALUE: By “current market value” we mean the approximate current resale value of an ATV. Like every other electromechanical device, ATVs also depreciate in value. Our report helps to give an accurate and current market valuation.
  • FOR SOUND DECISION: After conducting an ATV VIN check, the report will help you make some important decisions, such as how long to use the ATV, and how to properly manage it. Our ATV VIN report can help our customers decide if they will buy an ATV or not

What information can you find by running an ATV VIN Check?

When purchasing any vehicle it is important to check the vehicle history before committing to a purchase. By using our ATV VIN Decoder tool, you can uncover important history about the ATV. 

  • The number of owners 
  • Mileage information 
  • Accidents history 
  • Vehicle Specifications 
  • Title information 
  • Recall and Defect information 
  • Market Value 
  •  Auction Sales History 
  • Warranty Status 
  • Theft Records
  • Service and repair history
  • Insurance record
  • Loan & Lien Verification 

Our Data Sources for ATV VIN Check Report?

Detailed Vehicle History gathers this huge amount of data from numerous reliable sources including government bodies such as NHTSA, law enforcement agencies, industry sources, insurance firms, salvage yards, junk yards, manufacturers, ATV auctions, ATV dealerships, ATV recyclers, and collision repair facilities.

How to Lookup an ATV VIN?

It is very easy to look up any ATV VIN by the manufacturer. Simply enter a 17 character  ATV VIN on a VIN Search bar located at the top section of a page to get a vehicle history report of any ATV. Our vehicle history report is accurate, affordable, and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Use our ATV VIN Check to decode the previous past of your ATV and understand its history. 


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