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Enter Your vehicle's VIN Number

Find car’s VIN in technical passport or on car’s body. Provide it to us and fall in love with our approach to customer service.

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Get a report within minutes.

We are constantly adding new data sources, verifying and processing the information to provide you with the most trustful in-depth car history data.

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Get the most detailed possible information about the vehicle you check and more services on top.

What's will you find on a Detailed Vehicle History Report?

Ownership History

Learn the number of owners a vehicle had and their length of ownership. You will be able to locate where the vehicle was owned in which city and state.

Market value

Learn the true market value off the vehicle compared to vehicles with similar mileage and condition sold across the United States. Learn when is the best time to sell and how many days on average similar models have sold

Vehicle Specifications

Get detailed specifications down to the smallest details as options on the vehicle. Learn about specifications and options, engine, transmission, fuel, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, Safety features, including full feature list off the vehicle

Market trend

Detailed Vehicle History Shows on average the months where you’ll be able to sell your vehicle for the highest dollar figure. Also get an analysis on Projected Depreciation based on current value, one year from now, 3 years from now and 5 years from now.

Owners Manual

Quite often the owners manual that comes with the vehicle is lost. Sometimes its also hard to find details when searching for specifics. We will give you the original Owners manual in a digital copy to download with your analysis report.

Maintenance & Reference Guide

Included with the owners manual usually comes the maintenance and reference guides with the vehicle. These guides are included in the package when available.

Bill of Sale

We provide you an official bill of sale form that should be used when conducting a transaction Keep a record for yourself and the other party. Both parties should sign and date the document to make it official.



$ 25.00 / 1 reports

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  • Search 1 VIN Number
  • Vehicle Report Never Expire
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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    Save 30%

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  • Vehicle Report Never Expire
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    $ 60.00 / 5 reports

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  • Vehicle Report Never Expire
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  • Platinum

    $ 100.00 / 10 reports

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  • Diamond

    $ 175.00 / 25 reports

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  • Executive

    $ 250.00 / 50 reports

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  • Search 50 VIN Number
  • Vehicle Report Never Expire
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • F.A.Q

    What is the source of information provided by Vehicle History Report?

    The Vehicle History Report report is completely unbiased and is based on historical data available at various national agencies such as Department of Motor Vehicles or the Ministry of Transportation. We cross reference NMVTIS records to ensure each and every report delivered is up to date.

    Can I sell Vehicle History Report?

    No, Vehicle History Report reserves all rights to sell the Vehicle History Report. Each report can only be used for personal use. Vehicle History Report may take legal action against anyone found misusing the report.

    How is a Vehicle History Report helpful?

    A Vehicle History Report will help you in taking an informed decision before purchasing a used vehicle as it provides important information about the vehicle's service records, mileage history, recall information along with 60 other checks which can save you from being a victim to a fraud.

    How Long is a Vehicle History Report valid for?

    Once you purchase a report it stays up on our server for one year. You are free to download and print a copy for your safe keeping records. A vehicle report is yours to keep forever. Unlike CarFax and other competitors which remove the report after 30 days; rest assured with Vehicle History Report your report will remain up forever. You are free to print and share the vehicle report.