Window sticker for VIN 1NPTX4EX4HD447854


2017 PETERBILT 367


Standard Specifications


  • Body Maker: Peterbilt
  • Model: 367
  • Model year: 2017
  • Vehicle type: Incomplete Vehicle
  • Body class: Truck
  • Manufacturer name: Peterbilt Motors Company

Engine information

  • Configuration:
    Type: In-Line
  • Cylinder information:
    Number of cylinders: 6
  • Model:
    Cummins ISX
  • Displacement:
    cc: 15000
    Litre: 15
    ci: 915.3561614209
  • Fuel type:
    Primary: Diesel

Vehicle details

  • weight_information:
    Gross vehicle weight rating from: Class 8: 33,001 lb and above (14,969 kg and above)

Manufacturing information

  • Plant details:
    City: Denton
    Country: United States (usa)
    State: Texas

Fuel Type

  • Plant Country United States (usa)
  • Plant State Texas
  • Plant City Denton

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