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Lookup Used Vehicle History Report & Window Stickers for Cars

Looking for a carfax alternative for used car reports? Our VIN check and license plate lookup tool can help you access detailed information about a vehicle’s past with a car history report. You can also learn more about vehicle features, options, and packages with our window stickers for cars.

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What Information is Included in a Car History Report?

Using a VIN number or license plate number you can typically find detailed information about the vehicle’s past. Checking a used vehicle is important because a vehicle report can help you make informed decisions and reveals information including accidents history,lien & loan records , theft & recovery, flood, water, hail, for Fire damage, or whether the car has salvage, rebuilt, or  junk title, if it has mileage rollback, or if it was used as personal, taxi, rental or police vehicle and more.

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than Carfax or Autocheck on our Used Car History Report

We care about you just like you care about your car! Just type in a VIN to get a complete vehicle history report. When you buy a vehicle report, you can quickly see detailed info that you won’t find in AutoCheck or Carfax reports. Get more details at prices up to 33% cheaper than our competitors.
What’s the worth of the car based on conditions? Know the trade-in, private seller and dealer retail values of any vehicle. market value
Based on known mileage we provide upcoming services,repairs and inspection the car may need based on the OEM maintenance schedule. It provides information about mechanical issues or any serious issues which may affect the vehicle.  maintenance schedules
Our car report includes estimates of the repair prices of the vehicle including labor costs and parts costs.  maintenance schedules
Get recall information on any car issued by the manufacturer or NHTSA and be sure if a vehicle is in roadworthy condition or not. recalls
Look out if your vehicle has a warranty coverage and the specific parts covered. Get car warranty details today. warranty
Each and every report features detailed car specifications including its basic year, make, model information to its engine, transmission, and more. detailed car specifications
Explore when, where, and how often the car was listed for sale, along with pricing details on our site – all within our car history report, including photos when available. sales listing with photos
Discover if the vehicle has been salvaged or has been to any auto auction in its lifetime. Get 10+ photos with auction information when available. auction data with photos

Get Original Window Stickers for cars

A window sticker is a label that is required by law to be displayed on all new automobiles sold in the United States. It provides important information to consumers about the car they are considering purchasing. It helps them make informed decisions by providing details about the car’s features, performance, and cost. A window sticker contains information including:
Buying a car or selling it? Wondering how to get a window sticker by VIN? We provide detailed original  window stickers for cars  for all manufacturers worldwide.

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We help car buyers, sellers, dealers, and enthusiasts make the right decisions with accurate vehicle data and information.

VIN Decoder

Our VIN decoder can read all types of VINs, including 17-digit VINs and classic VINs with 5 to 13 digits It support VINs worldwide. Just enter any VIN to find out the year, make, model, and vehicle specifications.

Free Vehicle Search

Use our VIN check tool to learn about any vehicle’s history. Find out about past owners, accidents and damage, auction information, salvage title, service history, repair records, and more.

Vehicle History Report

We provide reports for all types of used vehicles, including classic cars. Just enter a vehicle identification number or license plate to get a complete car history. Trust facts, not fax.

Window sticker by VIN

We offer window stickers for cars including classic cars.This includes information about the car’s color, features, options and packages, fuel economy, and more.

U.S license plate lookup

No VIN? No problem! Simply provide the US license plate number of that vehicle and find out the vehicle’s past records with one click.

Recall Information

It’s important to check for safety recalls before buying a vehicle. Don’t buy a car with safety issues and take care of the one you drive

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Comparison Detailed Vehicle History Carfax EPICVIN Auto Check
Sales listing with photos
Market value data
Detailed vehicle specifications
Auction records with photos
Offline VIN Decoding
Support for classic vehicles
Maintenance recommendation
Auction records with photos
Ownership History
Accident history
Damage check
Branded title check
Salvage title check
Ownership history map
Support for heavy duty, trucks, trailers & motorcycles
Mobile & desktop application

Vehicle History Reports for all types of vehicles

We help car buyers, sellers, dealers, and enthusiasts make the right decisions with accurate vehicle data and information.
SUVs & Pickups
Classic Cars
Electric vehicles
RVs & Campers
SUVs & Pickups
Classic Cars
Electric vehicles
RVs & Campers

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a car history report is very easy but there is no website that offers it for free. Our vin check tool provides a preview of potential issues i.e if vehicle has any auction or sale records or has any issues for free but full history report can reveal the complete insights.
A car history report includes information including but not limited to 
  • Accidents history
  • Safety recalls & defects
  • Lien & loan 
  • Theft & recovery records
  • Flood, water, hail, and Fire damage
  • Salvage, rebuilt, junk title check
  • Mileage rollback
  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Personal, taxi, rental or police use and more
Our reports include data from sources including DMV (Department of motor vehicle), financial institutions, auto auctions, salvage auctions, car dealerships, auto insurance companies, independent vehicle inspection stations, police records and more.