Check for Recalls by VIN

Our VIN decoder tool provides important information about the recalls issued by the manufacturer in regards to specific models. 

What are recalls and why recalls are issued?

Auto manufacturer builds its cars with the best targets in mind. Today’s cars are filled with the latest and highest safety technologies designed to help prevent accidents and keep us protected when those accidents can’t be avoided. Unfortunately, defective components and incorrect manufacturing practices can creep into the car building process, leaving car buyers susceptible to dangerous failures and malfunctions that can lead to accidents.

In circumstances like these, recalls are issued by the auto manufacturer or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in regards to specific models.  When an automaker gets repeated reports of issues over a certain vehicular component, it will conduct a thorough investigation into the design and building process of the vehicle in question to decide the grounds of the problem. When the defect in question is discovered, a repair plan is produced, most commonly the resupplying of replacement parts, and a recall is announced.

Recalls can cover problems as minor as improperly fastened windshield wipers or as major as leaky fuel hoses which may cause explosive vehicle fires. In situations where defects pose a fairly minor danger to drivers, recalls will be issued reassuring owners to fix the problem at their nearest convenience. In cases of danger, some auto manufacturers will even request that owners of affected vehicles stop operating them immediately.

How to check recalls by VIN Number?

Our VIN decoder service provides important information about the vehicle recalls issued by the manufacturer in regards to specific models. These vehicle recall checks might be related to safety features to eradicate an existing issue in the vehicle. The recall could also be issued to improve the current safety standard in a vehicle to comply with safety regulations. Manufacturers also offer free repairs and upgrades to comply with safety and emission regulations under recalls. Auto manufacturer offers some of the best safety standards and features to its customers. Using our recalls tool keeps owners up to date with technical capability and safety features to ensure that the driver and passenger stay safe in case of a mishap.

 The statute of limitations for all no-charge recalls is 10 years from the original sale date of the vehicle. Following this 10-year period, the owner might need to pay for repair or replacement of any damaged part that was covered previously under the issued recall.

The VIN number can be found on the vehicle title or insurance paper with ease. The VIN number might also be reported as “Chassis Number” on the insurance paper. Also, vehicle registration papers include the VIN number which could be listed as a Serial Number, Title or Identification number.

You can also locate the VIN Number at numerous positions on the vehicle. Some of these locations are listed below for your guidance.

How to lookup recalls by license plate?

People search license plate number for various reasons. Mostly, it’s used when someone is thinking about purchasing a vehicle and needs to get the history report before they make a decision. They know that vendors won’t always tell them about issues with the vehicle. This is a good way to check recalls by using license plate lookup tool, if for certain reasons you don’t have access to the VIN number.

Using our recalls tool keeps owners up to date with technical capability and safety features to ensure that the driver and passenger stay safe in case of a mishap. Our tool will provide relevant recall information so you can contact the manufacturer or dealer about the repair, if your vehicle has any safety issues.

The number is clearly mentioned on the license plate issued by the state DMV. You can also use our DMV license plate lookup service. In addition, the license plate number is available on the Certificate of title also issued by the state DMV. The Certificate of Title also provides the issued date which can also be an important factor if there are any doubts about license plate number

We do not offer car seat recall lookup information, seat VIN decoder equipment or tire recall check tampering.

Ensuring the safety of your vehicle is of paramount importance, and tools like a car seat recall lookup, seat VIN decoder equipment, and a tire recall check can be invaluable in achieving that peace of mind. The car seat recall lookup allows parents and guardians to easily verify if their child’s car seat is subject to any recalls, ensuring their little ones are always protected during travel. With the seat VIN decoder equipment, individuals can swiftly identify the specifications and history of their vehicle’s seating, aiding in maintenance and replacement decisions. Additionally, a tire recall check assists in keeping drivers safe by providing information on any potential defects or recalls affecting their tires, allowing them to take proactive measures to ensure road safety.