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Looking to buy a used Subaru? Protect your investment by running a Subaru Recall Check with Detailed Vehicle History. Our license plate and VIN lookup service provide detailed information on any recalls or defects related to your Subaru vehicle, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your safety on the road.

Why Should I Run a Subaru Recall Check?

Running a Subaru recall check is important for used car buyers because it allows them to determine if the vehicle they are considering purchasing has any outstanding recalls or defects that could pose a safety risk. Recalls are issued by the manufacturer when a safety issue is discovered, and they require immediate attention to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and others on the road. By running a Subaru recall check, buyers can identify any potential safety issues and take the necessary steps to have them addressed before purchasing the vehicle. This can help avoid costly repairs and, more importantly, prevent accidents or injuries caused by unresolved safety issues.


Ford recalls are issued when there is a safety defect or non-compliance with federal safety standards in a vehicle. These issues can range from minor to severe and can potentially put the driver, passengers, and other motorists at risk. Knowing if a vehicle has any outstanding recalls can help ensure that it is safe to drive.

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 If a used car buyer is purchasing a vehicle with an outstanding recall, they may be purchasing a vehicle that is not compliant with federal safety standards. This could lead to legal issues down the line and could potentially make it difficult to sell the vehicle in the future.

Peace of mind

Knowing that a vehicle has no outstanding recalls can provide peace of mind to the buyer. It can also save them time and money in the long run by avoiding potential issues that may arise from driving a vehicle with an outstanding recall.

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A Subaru Recall check by Detailed Vehicle History covers

Users can access this information through a Subaru license plate lookup service provided by Detailed Vehicle History. The service helps car buyers to identify any outstanding recalls on Subaru vehicles before making a purchase. This ensures that the car is safe and reliable and reduces the risk of accidents and incidents caused by unrepaired defects.

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How do I fix a Subaru recall?

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If your Subaru has been recalled, you can take it to an authorized Subaru dealership to have the necessary repairs or replacements completed free of charge. You will need to provide your vehicle’s VIN number to confirm that it is affected by the specific recall. The dealership will then schedule a service appointment to perform the recall repair or replacement. It is important to address recalls promptly to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your vehicle.

Subaru recall lookup by License Plate or VIN

Yes, Detailed Vehicle History offers a Subaru recall lookup service using either the license plate number or the vehicle identification number (VIN). Our service can provide you with detailed information about any active recalls or defects related to your Subaru vehicle, including the recall identifier, what the recall is about, the repair needed, and more. This information can help you ensure that your Subaru is safe and up to date with any necessary repairs.

Recalls checking
Recalls checking

How Can I Check My Subaru Vehicle for a Safety Recall?

To check if your Subaru vehicle has any outstanding safety recalls, you can follow these steps:  
  • Locate your Subaru’s 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can find it on the driver’s side dashboard, in the front of the engine block, or on the vehicle registration paperwork.
  • Visit the official Subaru recall website at
  • Enter your Subaru’s VIN in the search bar and click “Search.”
  • The website will display any active recalls or campaigns related to your Subaru vehicle, along with information about what the issue is and what actions need to be taken to resolve it. Alternatively, you can use a third-party service like Detailed Vehicle History to perform a license plate or VIN lookup for your Subaru and get detailed information about any recalls or defects.

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