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Eyeing a Saxon custom cruiser? Great choice! However, decode the VIN with our decoder for specifications and damage history to avoid scams. Verify authenticity and spot hidden records easily with our Saxon motorcycle VIN decoder!

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What is a Saxon Motorcycle VIN Decoder?

A Saxon Motorcycle VIN Decoder is a tool designed to interpret and analyze the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) specific to Saxon motorcycles. The decoder and VIN check tool extract information such as the motorcycle’s specifications, year, make, model type, engine specifications, accident records, title brand records, and any relevant historical data.

By utilizing a Saxon motorcycle VIN look up, individuals can be sure of all the information received from sellers and have informed decision-making processes.

What Information Does Our Saxon VIN Check Provide?

Our free Saxon VIN decoder provides accurate insights into the vehicle specifications of Saxon motorcycles. You can find the year, make, model, engine specifications, weight, fuel type, body style, and more.

Need more information? You will need to use our paid check tool. Here are some of the details you can access with our paid VIN check service:

Ownership History

View the number of previous owners, duration of ownership, location, and more.

Theft Records

Verify if a motorcycle has been marked as stolen by the DMV or NICB and avoid legal trouble.

Accident history

Check for the number of accident records, dates, and locations.

Damage history

How damaged is the bike? Check for primary and secondary damage.

Lien & Loan records

Learn if a motorcycle has lien and loan records and avoid losing your bike.


Find year, make, model, trim, engine and transmission specs, fuel type, drive type, and more

Sales History

Check if it was ever listed online on any Classifieds site and verify its date of sale, price, retail value, and more.

Auction history

Check the auction date, price, seller type, auction date, location, and images if available.

Odometer rollback

Spot mileage discrepancy by checking the accurate recorded mileage readings

Vehicle usage

How was the bike used in the past? Personal usage? Leased? Rental? Find out now.

Damage history

Verify the extent of the damage on your potential bike and check for primary and secondary damage.


Has the manufacturer recalled the bike? Why? Find out with a paid VIN check.

Why do I need a Saxon Motorcycle VIN Check?

Saxon motorcycles ceased production in 2012 and there’s every possibility that the custom Saxon bike you are interested in may have damaged records, been declared a total loss, or worse, even be stolen. Don’t take your chances and verify the reliability and authenticity of the motorcycle with a detailed VIN check. Here are some more reasons why you need a motorcycle VIN lookup:

Get Saxon Window Stickers

A window sticker is a great side-on if you are buying a motorcycle. It is a detailed guide that shows the standard specifications, engine information, manufacturing information, weight, fuel type, body type, and more information.

Harley Davidson

Where can the Saxon VIN be found?

The Saxon VIN can be found on the:
  1. Right-hand side of the steering head, below the handlebars
  2. Frame, near the steering head
  3. Stamped on the engine casing, usually on the left side.

Saxon VIN lookup Sample Report

Take a look at the issues associated with this Saxon  Glide Special. The bike has several records that could be a danger to your safety on the long run, and your motorcycle could also be repossessed. Check out the hidden records on this bike.

Street Steel Motorsports Saxon Motorcyle

  • VIN: 5XSSG29136C000414
  • Country of Assembly: United States 

How Do I Check a Saxon Motorcycle VIN Number?

To check a Saxon motorcycle VIN, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the VIN on the motorcycle
Step 2: Navigate to the Navigate to the form on this page Enter the VIN and fill out the form Select “Check VIN.”
Step 3: Receive and review the vehicle history report.

You will instantly receive the vehicle history report containing full vehicle information, specifications, and the history of the Saxon motorcycle.

History Reports for All Saxon Models

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can look up a motorcycle by VIN number with a VIN check tool and get a detailed vehicle history report. With this tool, you can access accurate specifications and VIN history including accident records, damage records, theft records, and more. Decode the VIN today!

To decode a VIN number on a motorcycle, simply enter the VIN into the form on this page. Next, fill out the rest of the form and submit it. You will instantly get access to the model year, make, base model, weight, and more.

To determine the model of your Saxon, refer to the VIN. You can use our Saxon motorcycle VIN decoder to find out the model and year of your motorcycle instantly. Try it out now!

With our VIN lookup tool, you can easily and instantly verify if a motorcycle is stolen using the VIN Number. Simply enter the VIN into the form above and get a report. This report will contain detailed information about past records and clearly show the history of a motorcycle. Access theft records, ownership records, accident and damage records, auction history, sales listings, and more.

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