Alabama License Plate Lookup

Did you know that Alabama stands out as the top 9th state with the most used car dealerships per capita? This means that there would definitely be lots of used vehicles with hidden records in the state for sale.

Most sellers or dealers may not want to share the full story of used cars on the lot, but with our tool, you can find out as much detail as you want. Our Alabama license plate lookup tool can help you gain full access to past records and details without the need for a VIN, ensuring you make informed choices when purchasing a vehicle. Simply enter the plate number and gain access to a wealth of information.

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The Significance of an Alabama License Plate Number Lookup

In Alabama, the motor vehicle division uses the plates as a means of identification for vehicles registered within the state.

They feature a unique combination of numbers, letters, and symbols, allowing for easy identification and tracking. With our tool and the plate number, anyone can access every single detail about the history of any vehicle. Here are some of the main importance of a plate lookup:

  • Access to hidden car records: This tool lets you dig into a car’s history. Sometimes, sellers might not share all the details, but with this lookup, you can see if the car has been in accidents, had title brand issues, or got regular maintenance. This helps you really know what you’re buying.
  • Protecting Yourself from Scams: You don’t want to get tricked or cheated when buying a car. With the tool, you can check if the car’s information matches what the seller is saying. If things don’t match up, it might be a sign that something’s not right.
  • Verifying Ownership: One of the crucial aspects of a vehicle transaction is ensuring that the person selling the car indeed owns it. The Alabama License Plate Lookup comes to your rescue in this regard. It allows you to verify the ownership of the vehicle. This means you can be certain that the person you are dealing with has the legal right to sell the car. Without this verification, you might unknowingly engage in a transaction that could lead to legal complications in the future.
  • Confirming Mileage: When it comes to understanding the true condition of a vehicle, mileage is a critical factor. The license plate lookup provides you with the ability to confirm how much the car has been driven. By cross-referencing the mileage on the car with the information you get from the lookup, you can make sure that the vehicle’s condition aligns with the seller’s claims. This is essential because the number of miles a car has traveled can significantly impact its value and reliability. Therefore, knowing the accurate mileage can help you make an informed decision and avoid any surprises or discrepancies down the road.
  • Getting a Fair Price: When you have all this information, you can talk about the price more confidently. If the car has been in accidents or has problems, you can use this to ask for a better price. The lookup gives you the info you need to talk about the price with the seller.
  • Checking for Theft Records: Concerns about buying a stolen vehicle can be put to rest with this tool. This tool enables you to search for theft records associated with the vehicle, ensuring that the car you’re considering hasn’t been reported as stolen in the past. This added layer of security in the buying process provides peace of mind and helps you avoid potential legal issues and loss of investment.
Alabama license plate

The Types of License Plates in Alabama

The following are the types of license plates in Alabama:

  1. Standard license plates
  2. Personalized
  3. Organizational
  4. Specialty license plates
  5. Military
  6. Vintage 
  7. Disabled 
  8. Antique

How To Check License Plate Records in Alabama

Conducting a plate lookup and obtaining vehicle data is a straightforward process. All you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to our license number lookup tool.
  2. Fill out the provided form with the required information.
  3. Simply enter the license plate number in the designated search field.
  4. You will immediately receive relevant vehicle records.

Get Easy Plate Checks With Our Mobile Application!!!

Do you know that with the OCR scanning technology used in our mobile application, you can take away the trouble of having to enter the plate number?

To check a license plate, you just need to scan the characters from the plates or any document having the Alabama license plate number.

Get the application now and check plates conveniently! You can also scan plates on our website using a mobile device. 

What Information Can You Get With an Alabama Vehicle License Plate Check

A license plate check will provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which can be used to gain access to the following information:

  1. Vehicle specification (Year, make, model, engine information)
  2. Vehicle Identification Number
  3. Previous owner’s details
  4. Title status
  5. Lien records
  6. Open recalls
  7. Theft Records
  8. Auction records
  9. Sales records
  10. Actual Odometer Verification
  11. Service and Maintenance History
  12. Accident history

See samples of vehicle history reports from our plate lookup:

Why is Reverse Plate Lookup Important in Alabama?

A reverse plate lookup is a useful tool for law enforcement and car shoppers in the following ways:

  • Ownership Verification: By carrying out a reverse plate lookup on a plate, you can quickly and easily verify the true ownership of a car. Due to privacy protection act, the service is not able to reveal sensitive information about the owner except there are valid reasons to justify it.
  • Crime Investigation: The service serves as an assistive tool in investigating criminal activities like stolen vehicles, insurance fraud, accident crime, and other auto-related crimes.
  • Making Informed Decision: The service is also crucial for all used car shoppers. It reveals useful information about the history of the car, like the service and maintenance history, mileage history, title history, etc. You will be able to accurately decide if you should buy a used car or not.

How to Transfer License Plates in Alabama?

You can follow these steps to transfer license plates of cars registered in Alabama:

  • Go to any Alabama DMV office with your current vehicle registration, insurance proof, and the new vehicle title.

  • Complete the Application for Transfer of Plate either online or offline – at the DMV Office. Make the applicable fees of $15 – the transfer fee in Alabama. Please note that this amount is liable to change.

  • Wait for your application to be processed. Once it’s completed, a new plate and registration card will be issued for your new vehicle. You will need to also report to the DMV office with your old plate.

Alabama License Plate Search: Methods to lookup Alabama Plate number

  1. Online Search Tools: Several online platforms offer the opportunity to conduct Alabama plate number lookup services. These platforms typically require you to enter the plate number, after which they search their databases for the plate records and relevant information. While some services offer basic details for free, more comprehensive reports may require a fee.
  2. Government Agencies: In Alabama, government agencies such as the Alabama Department of Public Safety may provide access to plate lookup services. These services may require a fee, and the level of information provided can vary. Contacting the relevant government agencies or visiting their websites can provide further details on the availability of such services.
  3. Mobile Applications: There are mobile applications available that allow users to perform Al plate search. These applications often utilize crowdsourced data and user contributions to provide information about vehicles and their owners.

Tips for Effective Plate Lookup in Alabama

To maximize the effectiveness of your Alabama license plate lookup, consider the following tips:

  1. Accurate License Plate Information: Verify the registration information to ensure you have the correct license plate number before conducting the search. Mistakes or typos in the number can lead to inaccurate results.
  2. Utilize Reputable Services: Choose reputable plate lookup services like ours that adhere to legal guidelines and respect data privacy. Read reviews and consider recommendations to ensure you’re using a reliable platform.
  3. Verify Information: Double-check the information obtained through license plate lookup services by cross-referencing it with other sources, such as official history reports or contacting relevant authorities.

Alabama License Plate information

Alabama is among the 19 states that mandate a single license plate, located at the rear of the vehicle.

According to Alabama regulations, any individual purchasing a new or used motor vehicle must procure a plate within 20 days of the acquisition date.

Since 1941, Alabama has adopted a county-code system for its plates. At that time, the three most populous counties (Jefferson, Mobile, and Montgomery) were assigned codes 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Subsequently, the remaining counties were assigned codes 4 through 67 in alphabetical order.

In 1948, Code 70 was introduced for replacement plates, and in 1966, Code 80 was added to provide supplemental plates for counties that had exhausted their standard plate supplies.

About Alabama

The state of Alabama is located in the Southeastern United States. The state has a rich culture and is popularly known for its abundant forests and water bodies.

Some of the popular vehicles in Alabama may include sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. The Toyota Camry has been highlighted as the most popular car used in Alabama and this is due to its affordability and reliability.

Alabama plate lookup services provide a wealth of information, offering insights into a vehicle’s history, ownership, and personal safety considerations. By understanding the legal considerations and utilizing reputable methods, individuals and owners of motor vehicles in Alabama can leverage the plate search services effectively.

Whether you’re a potential car buyer, concerned about your safety, or simply curious about the world around you, the plate lookup can be a valuable tool. So, embark on your journey of discovery and unveil the secrets hidden behind those plates and get comprehensive details about the car.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

You can search Alabama vehicle license plates by using a website like that complies with the state law. By providing the vehicle license plate number and the name of the registered owner, you can visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website to perform a plate check. You will be charged a small fee to access the history of the vehicle.

A plate lookup can grant you access to the vehicle information including the vehicle specification and the history report. A free license plate lookup will not provide enough information that you need to make an informed decision. You can know about the accident history, mileage history, service and maintenance history etc.

No, you cannot get a free Alabama license plate lookup with our tool. To gain access to information about the vehicle you are interested in with our tool, you will have to pay a fee.

Any Alabama residents or vehicle owners! There is no restriction to who can look up a vehicle’s license number. You can use an online tool like the one offered by to do a reverse plate lookup so as to retrieve the VIN number of any motor vehicle in the US to access the vehicle records. You can do a VIN lookup to get detailed information about the car. According to the driver’s privacy protection act, sometimes, if there is no genuine reason, this may not be possible at any Alabama state DMV office as only certain authorized agencies are allowed to do a plate look up to reveal owner information. These include law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

Obtaining an Alabama title by residents of Alabama or car owners in Alabama can amount to $15, along with an additional $3 fee payable to the county licensing official. Once the title has been issued, if required, you will gain the eligibility to register the vehicle. For a standard passenger plate, the cost totals $23, with an extra $1.25 issuance fee.