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Carfax VS Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)- Which One Is Best

Detailed Vehicle History Vs Carfax
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Carfax and Detailed Vehicle History what are their similarities and differences? Perhaps we should start with their similarities.

The vehicle history report has been an integral part of used car commerce, it became really important because there are so many facts about a used vehicle that a physical or mechanical examination will not necessarily tell you.

It’s easy to spot rusty parts and smoky engine exhaust, but how can you tell if a vehicle was stolen? Is the mileage correct or reversed? If the vehicle was poorly maintained? Now you see the very essence of a vehicle history report.

Used car buyers are usually worried if they are going to end up buying a stolen vehicle, flood-damaged, or perhaps a car with an uncleared loan/lien, the only document that has successfully quelled the fears of these buyers is the vehicle history (VHR).

What is a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle history report is a piece of document which gives insight into the events/incidents that has impacted a particular vehicle, from the manufacturer to the current owner. You may wonder where companies selling VHR get their data. And if the data can be trusted? The data used in vehicle history reports are mostly sourced from the governmental database, these databases may include but are not limited to:

This is why you can trust a Vehicle history report because the data are culled from trustworthy databases.

Detailed Vehicle History Vs Carfax: Similarities

Carfax and Detailed Vehicle History are companies providing vehicle history reports of used vehicles

These companies access the same databases to cull data which they transform into an amazing report detailing many of the things which a physical or mechanical examination will otherwise fail to show. 

Given the fact that they access nearly the same databases, their reports are quite trustworthy and reliable.  Both companies have added value to their customers this is evident in the number of positive comments and reviews they have received.

Detailed Vehicle History vs Carfax: Similarities

 Detailed Vehicle HistoryCarfax
Trustworthy data sourcesYESYES

A high number of positive feedback

from clients 

Up-to-date reportYESYES 
Report Includes Maintenance records YES YES 
Recall data availability YES YES

Detailed Vehicle History Vs Carfax: Differences

Carfax has stood the test of time, in fact, they started distributing vehicle history reports through the fax machine, now you understand why the name Car-Fax, on the other hand, Detailed vehicle history although is relatively new, is technologically advanced and as their name implies they are providing a detailed vehicle history report.

Here is the difference between Detailed Vehicle History and Carfax in a nutshell 

 Carfax         Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)
Pricing39.99 usd Per report        14.99 usd Per report
Use of emerging technology  Mobile app does not incorporate VIN scanners and offline VIN decodingMobile app is OCR powered and supports offline VIN decoding 
Vehicle history report Less detailed compared to DVHMore detailed compared to Carfax
Auction InformationIncludes auction infoIncludes auction information with 10+ photos
Maintenance RecommendationDose not provide upcoming maintenance recommendations

Provides upcoming maintenance recommendations

Report expirationCarfax reports expires after a fixed timeAlthough reports are constantly updated buyers can keep theirs for a lifetime
Customer supportCarfax only provides a contact formDetailed Vehicle History provides live support for it customers
Partner ProgramCarfax does not provide unlimited VIN lookup serviceDetailed Vehicle History provides unlimited VIN lookup for dealerships

The mission of Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)

detailedvehiclehistory DVH

By offering transparent and reliable car history alongside damage records, DVH aims to help used car buyers get the best price while reducing uncertainty and fraud in the automobile industry.

It is surely a better choice to select Detailed Vehicle History over Carfax given its numerous advantages. Additionally, many customers have given Detailed Vehicle History’s services great reviews and are promoting their reports. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a used car, be sure to check out Detailed Vehicle History for an affordable, authentic, and comprehensive report.

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