EpicVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH): Which Is Better?

If you want to buy a used car, at some point or the other, you will have to get a vehicle history report of your automobile. This can easily be gotten very easily online as Vehicle history report providers are springing up daily, but which of these providers actually provide accurate information and give a proper backstory for your vehicle? In this article, we will be comparing two vehicle history providers – EpicVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History.

What is a Auto History Report?

A vehicle history report is a document that provides detailed information about the past history of a motor vehicle. It is typically generated by specialized companies that use a variety of data sources, such as state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records, auction and sales records, insurance company claims data, and other proprietary databases to collect information about the vehicle.

The report includes information such as the vehicle’s ownership history, odometer readings, service and maintenance records, accident and damage reports and Title information.

EpicVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History Review

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EpicVIN Detailed Customer Ratings :

DVH - Detailed Vehicle History Customer Ratings :

Pricing of products and services
Likelihood of customers making future purchases
Overall customer service
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For about 50% of VINs I tried to check, epicvin came back with minimal data, including on my own car. Messages said something to the effect they would provide more information later but never did. I have attempted to cancel the service but they continue to charge my card for multiple months now. Truly useless service in my experience. Save your money.
Pricing of products and services
Likelihood of customers making future purchases
Overall customer service
Overall product shipping and delivery process
Product Returns/Refunds/Exchanges
Kwesi Opoku-Denkyi
Kwesi Opoku-Denkyi
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Am trying to buy a used vehicle and wanted to know options came with it when it was new and a report on the car. The staff that I contacted was more than helpful. And yes I would definitely use them again and always. When I get more cars to buy.

About Detailed Vehicle History(DVH)

Detailed vehicle History is a leading provider of VIN reports that provides concise and accurate vehicle history reports to its customers. With their top-notch VIN check and license plate lookup service, you can gain access to the complete history of a vehicle that you are interested in.

The information contained in a report from DVH has a coverage of auction / sales history, accident and damage history, service and repair records, mileage, and odometer readings. The vehicle history provider gets its data from billions of records and databases such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), Insurance companies, Auto mechanic garages etcetera.

In a nutshell, Detailed Vehicle History is known to provide the following services:

What Information Does Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) Require?

To generate a vehicle history report, Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) requires just the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car. The VIN can be found on the dashboard of your car, or by the driver’s side-door and it is a 17-character string of letters and numbers. The VIN of your vehicle is unique to it and with it various information on your car can be accessed by Detailed Vehicle History from several databases.

If your VIN is unavailable by any chance, you can as well make use of your License plate number. With Detailed Vehicle History, you can generate reports for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, motorhomes and truck tractors.

Cost of generating a Vehicle History Report from Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)

With Detailed Vehicle History, you can gain access to a concise vehicle history report for a price of $15 only. If you would like to gain access to five premium vehicle history reports you pay just $35 and ten reports will cost you $60.

Why are DVH reports better than EpicVIN?

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) provides vehicle history reports that are comprehensive and easy to understand and these reports are affordable compared to EpicVIN. Reports from Detailed Vehicle History contain maintenance recommendations for your vehicle. This recommendation is calculated based on the average mileage of your vehicle.

Detailed Vehicle History also offers VIN checks for Classic vehicles that were manufactured before the introduction of the 17-character VIN number. EpicVIN clearly states that they are limited in this aspect. With DVH, you can run VIN checks, generate window stickers and also generate build sheets for classic vehicles. With Detailed Vehicle History, you get more value for your order.

From Detailed Vehicle History, you can get the following:

Comprehensive information

Detailed Vehicle History reports provide a wide range of information about a vehicle's history, including accident and damage reports, service records, and title information.
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Easy to read

Detailed Vehicle History reports are divided into several sections, making it easy to read and understand. You can also get a quick overview of a vehicle's history and records easily.
- 2 -

VIN Specific Report

Detailed Vehicle History reports are generated using the vehicle's VIN and the report is unique to the vehicle only displaying the history and backstory of a vehicle accurately.
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Multiple uses

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) reports can be used by individuals looking to purchase used vehicles, as well as by dealerships, auto auction companies, and other businesses in the auto industry.
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Help to identify major issues

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) reports can help to identify major issues with the vehicle's history such as major accident, flood, or fire damage, that may affect the vehicle’s performance and value.
- 5 -

Additional information

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) reports can also provide additional information such as the vehicle’s ownership history, emission & safety inspection records, service and maintenance records, and odometer readings.
- 6 -

EpicVIN vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH): Differences You Should Know

This section is focused on the EpicVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History Review and highlights their differences.
Fetures AutoCheck Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)
Pricing $15 per report $15 per report
Use of emerging technology Mobile app generates incorrect information and does not permit offline VIN decoding. Mobile App has OCR technology and supports offline VIN decoding.
Vehicle History Report Less comprehensive More comprehensive
Classic Vehicle Decoding Not available Can generate reports and window stickers for Classic vehicles and antiques.
Auction Information Auction history with limited coverage area Includes auction information with more than ten photos
Maintenance recommendation No maintenance recommendation Includes maintenance recommendation per vehicle
Report expiration Prepaid reports expire after 60 days Reports are valid for a lifetime and can be accessed anytime.
EpicVIN bot provides limited support Contact form provided Offers live support and live chat sessions

EpicVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) Sample Reports

EpicVIN: How it works

EpicVIN works by providing VIN check services to used vehicles and light trucks after 1989. This implies that EpicVIN does not run VIN checks or VIN decoding for classic vehicles. EpicVIN reports may contain Odometer readings, title information, junk and salvage titles, flood damage history, etcetera. The report provider gets its information from official U.S government sources and provides vehicle history from these sources.

EpicVIN Vehicle History Report Vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH): Cons of an EpicVIN Report

Here are some downsides with getting a vehicle history report from EpicVIN:

No upcoming maintenance information

EpicVIN does not provide recommendations for maintenance and does not generate data in that regard.

No records for classic vehicles

It is clearly stated on the EpicVIN website that they only have access to records for vehicles that are manufactured with the 17-character VIN. This means that if you wanted to buy a classic vehicle you would have to visit a different provider such as Detailed Vehicle History.

Cost of an EpicVIN Vehicle History Report

The cost of getting a vehicle history report from EpicVIN is $14.99 for one report, four reports for $28.17 and 16 reports for $86.34.
Unlike EpicVIN, Detailed Vehicle History reports are not limited to the US. Their services run through to the UK and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, VIN numbers show the history of previous owners. A vehicle’s VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) can be used to access a variety of data sources that can provide information about the vehicle’s ownership history. This information can include the number of previous owners, as well as details about where and when the vehicle was registered.
For up to date information and comprehensive report generation, it is recommended that you generate your vehicle history reports from Detailed Vehicle History’s mobile application. It is equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and provides reports accurately down to the last detail. To read more about this, click here and to get the ios version, click here.

A VIN history report can be a useful tool for evaluating a used vehicle, but it’s important to keep in mind that the accuracy of the information provided can vary. The information in a VIN history report is only as accurate as completeness and quality of the data that is available to the company generating the report. With a good report provider, you can get accurate vehicle history reports for your used vehicles.

The Detailed Vehicle History Vs EpicVIN Comparison has shown that Detailed Vehicle History provides higher accuracy and supplies reports for a wide range of vehicles including classic vehicles. They also provide other services such as window sticker generation, support for classic window sticker generation and support for build sheets for classic vehicles.