FaxVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History: Find The Best One

Most of the time, you may find yourself in a sticky situation trying to find out which vehicle history report provider will be the best for generating a comprehensive vehicle history report for your vehicle. Some of these providers provide a wide range of information as opposed to others that just carry out VIN checks without providing a detailed vehicle history report. Here we will compare FaxVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History and establish which one happens to be the best and most reliable.

What is a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle History Report is a document that gives customers access to accurate information gathered about a vehicle over the years. It provides detailed information about a specific vehicle’s past. Some of the information displayed in a vehicle history report includes information on past owners, service and repair records, accident and damage history, and any outstanding recalls or liens.

The importance of Vehicle History Reports cannot be overemphasized. With a report, you can make informed decisions before purchasing a vehicle and driving it off the parking lot. With vehicle history information, you can review a number of vehicles to see which one is best suited for you. Gaining unrestricted access to the history of a vehicle would enlighten customers on a vehicle’s condition, prevent the purchase of damaged vehicles and potentially save customers some money and headaches along the way.

Additionally, vehicle history reports are also used by dealerships and other businesses to understand the market and pricing of specific vehicles. Now let’s look at these two vehicle history report providers- FaxVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH).

Detailed Vehicle History Vs FaxVIN Review

Here we will be looking at Detailed Vehicle History Vs FaxVIN and highlighting the differences that exist between these two report providers.

Bad VIN Detailed Customer Ratings :

DVH - Detailed Vehicle History Customer Ratings :

Pricing of products and services
Likelihood of customers making future purchases
Overall customer service
Overall product shipping and delivery process
Product Returns/Refunds/Exchanges
Michelle Albert
Michelle Albert
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Complete rip off. Didn’t give me any information that I was seeking. There’s also no way to cancel future payments. I’ve tried emailing. But it says it take 24hrs for a response. I loved them up on IG their location says California. But on the webpage it said UK. The whole site needs to be taken down.
Pricing of products and services
Likelihood of customers making future purchases
Overall customer service
Overall product shipping and delivery process
Product Returns/Refunds/Exchanges
Kwesi Opoku-Denkyi
Kwesi Opoku-Denkyi
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Am trying to buy a used vehicle and wanted to know options came with it when it was new and a report on the car. The staff that I contacted was more than helpful. And yes I would definitely use them again and always. When I get more cars to buy.

FaxVIN vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH): Differences You Should Know

In this section we will look at the differences that exist between FaxVIN and Detailed Vehicle History

Fetures FaxVIN Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)
Pricing $69 for 10 report $60 for 10 report
Use of emerging technology Mobile app not available Mobile App has OCR technology and supports offline VIN decoding.
Vehicle History Report Less comprehensive More comprehensive
Classic Vehicle Decoding Not available Can generate reports and window stickers for Classic vehicles and antiques.
Auction Information Auction history with limited coverage area and no photos Includes auction information with more than ten photos
Maintenance recommendation No Maintenance recommendation Includes maintenance recommendation per vehicle
Report expiration Reportsare Available for 180 Days Reports are valid for a lifetime and can be accessed anytime.
Customer support Contact form provided Offers live support and live chat sessions

Detailed Vehicle History(DVH)

Detailed Vehicle History is one of the most reliable sources of vehicle history reports. They generate reports for automobiles, cars, motorcycles, classic vehicles, trucks, motorhomes, etc. Detailed Vehicle history targets maximum customer satisfaction and provides accurate auction records with more than 10 photos (when available), service and maintenance records, financing records, odometer readings, mileage, accident and damage records, and others. This data is obtained from records and databases such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), Insurance companies, Auto mechanic garages etcetera.

Detailed Vehicle History does not generate reports for regular cars only but diversifies into classic vehicle history report generation, window sticker generation, support for classic window sticker generation, support for build sheet generation for classic vehicles, etc.

What Information Does Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) Require?

To generate a Vehicle History Report (VHR), all that is required from you is your vehicle’s 17-character Vehicle Identification Number. The only other detail that would be required would be your contact information. If for any reason, you cannot access your VIN at the time of running a VIN Check with Detailed Vehicle History (DVH), then you can generate a report using your License plate number. This is one of the services that makes Detailed Vehicle History stand out compared to some other vehicle history report providers.

Cost of generating a Vehicle History Report from Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)

With Detailed Vehicle History, you can gain access to a concise vehicle history report for a price of $15 only. It doesn’t end there. If you would like to gain access to five premium vehicle history reports you have to pay just $35 and for ten reports, the cost is $60.

Detailed Vehicle History Vs FaxVIN Report: Why are DVH reports better than FaxVIN?

Reports from Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) are concise, comprehensive, and easy to read and understand. They provide information about thefts, auction records, service and maintenance records, financing records, odometer readings, mileage, accident and damage records, and any other information on the vehicle. They also carry out VIN checks and generate reports for different vehicle types such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, motorhomes, and even classic vehicles.

FaxVIN has been noticed to provide little or no information on certain vehicle types and even when they do, their reports may be void of some necessary information.

Some highlighted features of a Detailed Vehicle History report include:

Comprehensive information

Vehicle history reports from Detailed Vehicle History provide every recorded information on a vehicle, including accident and damage reports, service records, and title information.
- 1 -

Easy to read

Vehicle history reports from DVH are well optimized for easy reading and understanding. They display information in sections and with pictures wherever necessary.
- 2 -

VIN Specific

Detailed Vehicle History reports are generated using the VIN supplied and this VIN generates a vehicle history report that is specific to your vehicle only.
- 3 -

Multiple uses

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) reports are not used by individuals only. They can also be utilized by dealers and companies as well.
- 4 -

Help to identify major issues

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) reports can also provide additional information such as ownership history, emission & safety inspection records, and odometer readings.
- 5 -

Provides additional information

Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) reports can also provide additional information such as ownership history, emission & safety inspection records, and odometer readings.
- 6 -

FaxVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) Sample Reports

FaxVIN: How it works

FaxVIN is a vehicle history report provider that provides information about the history of used cars. Their reports provide information about major and small damages, accident records, inspection reports, mileage and odometer readings, auction records, etc. They generate reports for individuals as well as dealers.

FaxVIN Vehicle History Report Vs Detailed Vehicle History (DVH): Cons of a FaxVIN Report

Here are some downsides with getting a vehicle history report from VINCheckPro:

Limited information

FaxVIN reports may not contain the information you are in need of after getting your ordered report from them. You would observe incomplete information on vehicles and sometimes, too little information. Be sure to check out what information they can provide for your car before you choose to pay for a report.
No Pictures
FaxVIN reports do not contain pictures and provide almost zero concrete information on auctions.

Cost of a FaxVIN report

FaxVIN vehicle history reports are relatively cheaper than reports from other providers but this is because FaxVIN reports contain too little information. For a FaxVIN report, you pay $9.95, for five you pay $34.75, and for 10, you pay $69.5.

CarFax Vs FaxVIN Vs Detailed Vehicle History

CarFax is known to provide comprehensive and detailed reports, and so does Detailed Vehicle History. As a matter of fact, from the features analyzed above, you would discover that compared to CarFax and FaxVIN, Detailed Vehicle History stands out in every area.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character string of letters and numbers that is unique to every vehicle manufactured. With a VIN, one can get the history of a used vehicle ranging from ownership history, odometer rollbacks, auction records, accident and damage records, to title information.
To determine if a vehicle has been stolen, you must run a VIN check and generate a vehicle history report. Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) provides accurate and updated information on stolen vehicles. To run a stolen VIN check, visit the Detailed Vehicle History homepage and enter your VIN number and contact information in the form that appears. After filling out the form, click on “Check VIN” to gain access to your vehicle’s history.
Yes, it is completely safe to give a VIN number online. Most especially when you are trying to get a vehicle history report. This report can only be gotten from the records associated with the unique VIN of a vehicle and as such, you will be required to provide your VIN.