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How to Check Mileage on a Tesla (All Models)

How to check Mileage on a Tesla (All Models)
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Mileage-an important factor usually considered when buying or selling a car, this article will explain how to check mileage on Tesla cars.

Tesla is an American automotive manufacturer that advocates for clean energy, the company specializes in electric cars. 

Tesla not only builds electric cars but develops systems that will aid in the further development of clean energy systems.

This article will explain how to check Tesla mileage, it is worthy to note that the method explained here may vary depending on the model, and no longer be obsolete in the nearest future, as Tesla continues to develop and implement new software packages.

We have published articles on how to avoid one of the most common pitfalls associated with used cars-odometer rollback.

This criminal act has been heavily impacting the auto industry.

The methods discussed in this article are for the latest software updates for 2022

How is mileage recorded?

The mileage of any given vehicle is the total distance the vehicle has traveled within a specified period of time. For example, Tesla categorizes trips, you can have Trip A and B with their respective mileage and then the total odometer reading.

Just like other systems in the automotive industry, the mileage calculation has evolved from good to better.

Mileage before now was recorded in the analog system, however, companies such as Tesla have digitized the system so frantically well.

Cars are made with preset pressure and diameter, the odometer records and displays mileage by recording and converting pulse signals from tires.

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How to check Tesla mileage on the car

Apart from obtaining a detailed vehicle history report, to check any Tesla odometer history, simply follow the following steps

1. On your Tesla car screen click on the car symbol usually on the bottom left

How to check Mileage on Tesla

2. Tap trips, this will show the trips and their various mileages

3. Scroll down and you will see the odometer reading

How to check Mileage on Tesla

How can I get a vehicle history report for a Tesla car

You can get a detailed vehicle history report for all Tesla models in Detailed Vehicle History as we offer you a premium vehicle history report, such that is not obtainable elsewhere in the industry.

Where can I get OEM window stickers for my Tesla car?

Detailed Vehicle History offers you a reproduction of the Monroney stickers for all Tesla models. 

You can refer to our automatic window sticker generation tool to generate your desired number of window stickers.

Significance of the Tesla Odometer History to Dealerships

Having Tesla cars with accurate mileage helps your clients to build confidence in your dealership business., after checking to see that the odometer readings of the Tesla vehicles in your showroom are accurate by comparing the reading with mileage on the vehicle”s history report provided by the Detailed Vehicle History they are happy to buy used Tesla cars from you

Significance of the Tesla Mileage History to car owner

The mileage of your Tesla vehicle is an indication of the rate of tear and wear in your vehicle, this, in turn, will affect the second-hand value of your vehicle. 

Hence, how far your vehicle has traveled will also be a determining factor for your resell price. 

Most manufacturers use mileage as a yardstick to determine when a car will need servicing next, that brings us to the next question.


How to get upcoming service maintenance for Tesla for free

After you run a VIN check with DVH proceed to the member area or your dashboard and follow the following simple steps.

  1. Click on “upcoming maintenance” 
  2. Select the VIN of the particular Tesla car you want to make a check on
  3. Enter the current mileage of the vehicle 
  4. Click on “Get maintenance records” 

Our system will automatically provide you a list of recommended services and maintenance due for your vehicle at that mileage in split seconds.

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