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5 Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History (2023)

5 Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History
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One of the most popular sources of vehicle history reports since 1984 is CarFAX. Vehicle history reports are documents that provide car buyers and owners with records, histories, and information on vehicles before, during, or after purchase.

Carfax has been delivering VIN decoding, VIN checks, vehicle history reports, and more to their customers, but are they the best in the automotive industry?

There have since been more cheap carfax alternatives offering great services at good rates.

In this article, we will highlight the top 5 Carfax alternatives to check the vehicle history of a vehicle.

Cheap Carfax alternatives to get vehicle history reports in 2023

There are some vehicle history report companies out there that provide even better services compared to Carfax, and this list contains our recommended five. They are:
  • Detailed Vehicle History
  • Instant VIN Reports
  • PremiumVIN
  • AutoCheck
  • VINCheck.info
Carfax alternative

1. Detailed Vehicle History

Detailed Vehicle History is the leading provider of vehicle history reports in the automotive industry today.

If you are in need of a concise, detailed, and comprehensive vehicle history report, then Detailed Vehicle History is the best Carfax alternative to try.

A vehicle history report, as previously mentioned, is a document that contains a vehicle’s history and records from its first owner down to its current owner.

The information that can be found in a vehicle history report from Detailed Vehicle History contains accident history, damage history, accurate vehicle specifications, service records, theft records, maintenance history, ownership history, title records, and more.

Detailed Vehicle History delivers precise information to car buyers, owners, and enthusiasts at really affordable prices.

The vehicle history reports from this vehicle history report company are 33% cheaper than Carfax reports.

Another product that makes Detailed Vehicle History stand out is its classic car VIN decoder. They offer:

  1. Accurate vehicle history reports for classic cars with VIN numbers less than the standard 17 characters: 5-digit VINs, 7-digit VINs, 13-digit VINs, and more.
  2. Window stickers; for all manufacturers.
    Classic car window stickers.
  3. VIN checks.
  4. VIN decoding; 33% cheaper than Carfax.
  5. Accurate auction history with more than ten photos (if available).
  6. Custom vehicle history reports and window stickers for dealerships, and more.

Detailed Vehicle History continues to outperform other vehicle history reports on a daily basis.

With their mobile applications for Android and iOS users, they continue to deliver quality reports to their customers.

2. Instant VIN Reports

Instant VIN Reports is another reliable alternative to Carfax that provides really concise vehicle history reports for car buyers, owners, and enthusiasts.

It provides vehicle history reports for both regular and classic vehicles.

This company is a strong competitor to Carfax because they provide extremely detailed vehicle history reports.

Some of the details you can find on a vehicle history report from Instant VIN Report include accurate ownership history, accurate odometer readings, market value, vehicle specifications, service history, maintenance history, accident history, damage history, title brand history, and more.

With the Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle you’re interested in, you can get a full vehicle history and unlock the past records of a vehicle.

Apart from the VIN, Instant VIN Reports also provide accurate records for US license plate numbers.

Some of the services provided by this Carfax alternative include:

  • Accurate VIN decoding and VIN checks.
  • Classic car VIN decoding and VIN checks.
  • Window sticker (Monroney label) generation for all manufacturers.
  • License plate lookups.
  • Vehicle recalls.
  • Classic vehicle window sticker generation.
  • 3. PremiumVIN

    If you are in need of a vehicle history report that does not expire, PremiumVIN reports should be your best bet.

    Buying a used car comes with a lot of uncertainty, which is why PremiumVIN provides services to guide car buyers into making the best decisions at any dealership.

    Vehicle history reports from PremiumVIN provide information on a vehicle’s mileage, vehicle ownership history, title brand history, open recalls, accurate vehicle specifications, theft history, lien and loan records, accident records, damage records, and more.

    PremiumVIN is a low-cost alternative to Carfax that offers far more services.

    Apart from a clear representation of auction history with photos, the other distinctive services provided by PremiumVIN are

  • Accurate window sticker lookup
  • VIN checks
  • VIN Lookups
  • VIN Decoding.
  • License plate lookups.
  • Title checks.
  • Recalls checks.
  • 4. AutoCheck

    One of the extra services offered by AutoCheck is the option to compare the history and condition of various vehicles.

    Here, vehicle owners are given an opportunity to compare two vehicles and easily make the best decision.

    In addition, they offer a service called Score that ranks cars on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their past and present states, making it easier for clients to quickly assess a car’s general dependability, performance, and reliability.

    The fact that AutoCheck offers some information on auction history while Carfax does not is one of the key distinctions between the two services. AutoCheck ensures that their customers receive:

  • The Score service.
  • Full vehicle history reports.
  • Eligibility for buyback protection.
  • 5. VINCheck.info

    VINCheck.info is a free Carfax alternative for car buyers and car owners looking for free vehicle history reports on their vehicles.

    Even as a free service, the vehicle history report company continues to provide vehicle history for its customers.

    Although their free vehicle history reports are not quite as detailed as the others on our list, they continue to provide the following services:

  • Free VIN decoding.
  • Free vehicle history
  • Free license plate lookup.
  • Free car owner’s manuals.
  • Vehicle sale history.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    According to this article, the best alternative to Carfax is “Detailed Vehicle History.” The vehicle history report company provides extremely concise, comprehensive, and detailed information about a vehicle’s past and records. A vehicle history report from Detailed Vehicle History provides accident records, damage records, theft records, service and maintenance records, ownership history, odometer readings, title brand checks, and more.

    All vehicle history report companies mentioned in this blog provide reliable car history reports. Detailed Vehicle History reports, on the other hand, provide the most reliable car history reports. Other reliable Carfax alternatives would be Instant VIN Reports and PremiumVIN.

    Overall, these vehicle history report companies are great Carfax alternatives. You just have to choose a provider that can meet your vehicle-history needs whenever you require their services.

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