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How to Find a Stolen Vehicle Using Detailed Vehicle History

Stolen Vehicle
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You can now track your stolen vehicle using the Detailed Vehicle tool. Auto theft has become a big business in Mexico city, reports El Universal. Each day an average of 80 cars are stolen and then resold.

According to one prosecutor, men who travel alone appear to be the preferred victims.

This is because women are thought by the thieves to be more inclined to scream or to be accompanied by children, complicating the theft.

 Youths between the ages of 18 and 25 make up 85 percent of the perpetrators caught.

Methods of theft commonly employed include holding up the driver when stopped at a traffic light, colliding with the car to obligate the driver to get out, or accosting the driver when he is opening his garage.

The situation is also alarming in countries like Canada and UK, for example, a study conducted by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University College of the Fraser Valley, reports that In British Columbia, an estimated 48 vehicles are stolen every day.

In the US, the FBI estimates that there were an estimated 721,885 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2019.

The estimated rate of motor vehicle thefts was 219.9 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Now one thing is somersaulting and another thing is landing properly, yes one thing is buying a car another thing is securing the car from theft.

Has your car ever been stolen? in this article we are about to consider how, the Detailed Vehicle History’s proprietary tool can help you find your stolen vehicle, though you may never experience car auto theft, however, you may still need this knowledge, you can use the knowledge to help someone whose car has been stolen

Detailed Vehicle History is designed with the ability to find auction information and stolen reports of any vehicle.

This tool takes into account users location, and it is in fact the first tool in the auto industry to accurately locate and track a vehicle’s current location.

Our AI algorithm asses queries, different ownership, and other records over time to analyze the vehicle and give an assessment score. 

Our tool also makes it possible to run title checks , decode VIN, search vehicle history by license plate, and also check for open recalls.

This assessment score is what our AI algorithm uses to make decisions or updates in the vehicles (VIN Numbers) lifetime.

Finding  a Stolen Vehicle Using Detailed Vehicle History

There are steps required of any individual or organization if they are to recover a stolen vehicle, and one of these steps include using the Detailed Vehicle History tool.

Get the Police involved

Most persons do not hesitate to report the case of a stolen car to the police, if that be the case, you should also give a report of your situation to the police.

It is important to report a car theft incident as soon as it occurs because it increases the chances of a quick recovery.

Play your own part

After reporting to the police do not sit and wait, make your own findings, After all it is your vehicle that was stolen not the police vehicle.

you can do this by following every trail you could, and when you get a possible lead, you may inform the police also, so they can finish off the case and possibly recover your vehicle.

Support the Police

On August 28, 2020, a couple found out that their newly purchased vehicle was actually a stolen vehicle!

they did not hesitate to let the police know about this, and as a result, through coordinated efforts of the Police departments, the stolen vehicle was recovered.

Think about this, if this couple had made use of the Detailed Vehicle History tool, they would not have bought a stolen vehicle in the first place

This leads us to the next step.

Make use of the Detailed Vehicle History

As noted earlier, Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)  developed a special tool that can help you track the current location of your vehicle.

You may wonder how this is made possible, our artificial intelligence system is able to record the details of each query a VIN gets, for example, If a particular VIN is being queried 38 times from the Country Jordan over the past 8 months – then our AI will assess this vehicle is most likely in Jordan, the system confirms this by running a comparison with auction records, this gives yield to a very high rate of accuracy.

In the Detailed Vehicle History vehicle history report, you can find, amazing pieces of information such as the auction record of your car, this will help you to know if your vehicle has been shipped to another country.

you can make use of this tool by visiting Detailed Vehicle History.

How The Detailed Vehicle History Tool Helps You Deal With Auto Theft

Auto theft which is increasing at an alarming rate can be a frustrating experience, especially if a family’s means of livelihood was dependent on the car which was stolen.

Well, the good news is that the Detailed Vehicle History tool can help both the individual and the police in their quest to recover a stolen vehicle, How so?

Mr. Maxwell is a young lawyer based in Las Vegas, on a cool Sunday evening he was driving into his garage, unknown to him two young men are already in the garage, they waited and as he parked the car, the intruders, perhaps using the type of tool illustrated above, gained unauthorized access to the vehicle, they disabled the ignition system and in a flash, they drove off Max’s car.

The next day Max gave the Police a report of what happened, the police promised to investigate the situation.

Hours, Turned into days, and days into weeks, and Max is yet to get positive feedback from the police.

Fortunately, Max had learned about the Detailed Vehicle History ’s car theft detection tool and then decided to give it a try.

It is worthy to note that the Detailed Vehicle History tool, is unique and exceptional, and the first in the industry to pull accurate reports from over 60 databases.

Max used this tool and he discovered that his car is already in Mexico!

Through coordinated efforts of the international law enforcement agencies, Max stolen car was found!

2 Benefits of Detailed Vehicle History’s car theft records

There are many advantages attached to the Detailed Vehicle History’s car theft record.

An Aid To Law Enforcement’s Investigations

From the above-mentioned stats, the law enforcement agencies already have their hands full,

The Detailed Vehicle History’s car theft report helps the police and other crime investigative agencies to know the current location of a vehicle, and this will go a long way in ensuring that the investigation is cost-efficient.

For example in the Max case, when the Police found the location of the vehicle, they were then able to concentrate their effort and resources properly.

Detailed Vehicle History has IP logs and relevant details which can be provided to the authorities for asset recovery.

An Invaluable Tool to Insurance companies and Financial institutions

The Detailed Vehicle History car theft report assists Insurance companies and financial institutions to save a lot of money and time they spend on asset recovery.

Financial institutions and insurance companies hire companies and individuals to relocate and find these stolen vehicles, especially those with LOAN or LIEN records, you can imagine the cost of such a project for those companies. The Detailed Vehicle History’s auto theft tool can really save a deal for these institutions.


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