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Flood damaged cars: answering the weighty questions

Flood damaged cars
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Flooding is a natural phenomenon which is said to occur when dry land is submerged by water, this tends to affect and submerge anything else along that path including parked cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Over the years humans have faced the harsh consequences of flooding. Flood list reports that “heavy rainfall triggered floods and landslides in Abriagui municipality on 07 April 2022, destroying part of the EL Porvenir mine and workers campsite, killing 11 people and injuring 10. More people are also feared missing and the number could rise”

From 20th February 2022, a storm named Franklin caused many rivers to overflow their banks in England and thus resulting in a flood.


Surely flooding can also have a devastating effect on properties such as cars, flood waters can really damage any vehicle in its path.

How often do flood damage cars?

Most major cities in the United States are prone to flood, Arizona, California, Manhattan, Florida, New Orleans to mention but a few.

Cars are often damaged once flood occurs frequently driving through a flooded street or road can also result in damage.


Any geographical location in the world that experiences flooding is bound to have flood damage cars

How flood damage cars


Flooding gives the car the following bad traits:


Rest be assured that once a car has been affected by flood, it can never be the same again, if water got into the dashboard of the car, the car will continually deteriorate.

It gets worse if the flood is salt water; this is because salt water is highly corrosive.

What can I do if I get into flood?

Flood damaged cars


Well, prevention they say is better than cure, listen to warnings as they are being issued by the authorities, and ensure your stay clear of areas that are likely going to be flooded.

Nonetheless if you are already caught up, here are some things you can do about it.

What can I do to my flood damaged car?

It’s a heartbreaking experience to have one’s car damaged by flood, there are certain dos and don’ts which I will like to share with you right now.


  • Firstly, wait for the waters to dry off, then tow your vehicle to a higher ground

  • Detailed Vehicle History encourages you to resist the temptation of turning on the ignition; this could do a great deal of damage to the car especially when water is in the engine. So what should you do?

  • Clean your car, use drying agents and dry your car, clean the upholstery.

  •  File an insurance claim with your auto-insurance company

  • Get a good auto-mechanic to assess the extent of the damage, repair your vehicle so you can use it once again, however your car may likely never remain the same.

How to tell if a car is flood damaged while buying a used car

There are two major ways of determining if a vehicle was damaged by flood, the first method is physical/mechanical inspection while the second and most reliable is by running a VIN check.

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Physical/mechanical examination

During a physical examination we can check for the following:

Run a VIN check!

This is one of the cheapest and surest ways of confirming flood damage; a VIN check with Detailed Vehicle History arms a used car buyer with a vehicle history report.

This report will provide much information about the used car, including the timeline of usage and geographical location where it was used, as noted earlier, some places experience flooding more than other places.


Apart from helping you to know if your prospective car was damaged by flood, a vehicle history report arms you with the following information:


  • The title information

  • Fire and hail damage information

  • Depreciation analysis

  • Theft records

  • Insurance records

  • Maintenance information

  • Detailed vehicle history information

  • Airbag deployment and accident records

  • Previous owners

  • True mileage

  • Lien and loans records

  • Market value

Get your windows sticker by VIN now

Detailed Vehicle History provides a reproduction of the original window sticker or Monroney sticker. We provide you with factory options, packages, and pricing, engine and transmission specifications, manufacturer’s MSRP price when new, standard features and equipment, fuel economy rating, and factory recalls. Besides a copy of the original window sticker, you can also request the custom window sticker that is fully customizable to cater to your needs.

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