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You can find the details and specifications of your vehicle using the Dodge VIN Check. Our Dodge VIN Lookup tool provides in-depth history of your vehicle.

VIN Lookup for Dodge

Using the Dodge VIN lookup tool is a great way to find all the relevant history and specifications of your vehicle.

Our Dodge VIN Check tool covers information like the ownership titles, history, mileage verification, accidents, etc. for you.

What is Dodge VIN Number?

VIN is a specialized number that can be considered equivalent to fingerprints. With this unique code, you can find details like the manufacturer’s detail, model specifications, and history of your specific Dodge vehicle.

Where to find the Dodge VIN?

Manufacturers usually place this number at multiple locations in a vehicle. For your Dodge vehicle, you can look for it on the driver side doorjamb, driver’s dashboard, engine, title papers, and insurance papers of your vehicle.

What does a Dodge VIN Lookup contain?

Here’s what you can discover about the Dodge by searching the VIN:

  • The number of owners – Find out the number of owners the Dodge had, including the number of owners, duration of ownership, registration details such as country, state, and city of registration. Find out the duration of ownership of each owner in the Dodge history. Many customers have located their Dodge using our VIN lookup tool.
  • Mileage information – Check odometer records on any Dodge by entering in the Dodge VIN. Mileage information will include mileage, date, and location when it was registered. The odometer records include title records, registration, and renewals.
  • Accidents history – In the event that the Dodge was seriously damaged previously, it tends to be hazardous to drive it since you may never realize how a vehicle performs at high speed after a full repair.
  • Airbag deployment – You should ensure that the Dodge has all the airbags and, in the event that it doesn’t have, discover why.
  • Vehicle Specifications – Every Dodge comes with special options and packages at the time of purchase. Using our Dodge VIN Lookup tool, you can find detailed specifications such as model, trim, engine, transmission, fuel, exterior, and interior options, standard safety features, airbags, audio system, brakes, comfort features, convenience features, and security features. Find out over 200+ specifications on any Dodge.
  • Market Value – Wondering how much the Dodge is actually worth? Our report shows you the market value of any Dodge based on estimated mileage. Learn about depreciation and resale value of the vehicle compared to others being sold in the market.
  • Warranty Status – Find out if the Dodge has any information, including the type of coverage for warranty status.
  • Police incidents – Each VIN Check will verify information from law enforcement agencies to help determine if the Dodge had any claims. Find out if the Dodge has a clean history.
  • Safety rating – Use our crash ratings guide to find useful information on the safety of the Dodge in a crash, including its technical capabilities to avoid accidents.
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Records – Every Dodge VIN lookup will verify title records from the Department of Motor Vehicles and government agencies. In Canada, this would be the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Insurance Databases – Find out the number of claims made with insurance for the Dodge. It is highly recommended to verify if Dodge has a clean history.
  • Inspection Records – Multiple states have a law in place where emissions & safety inspections must be done yearly. Find out if the Dodge has had its yearly inspections done on time and if there were any outstanding issues with its inspections.

Background on Dodge:

Dodge is an automobile company owned by FCA. The existence of Dodge has been more of a mid-priced brand of Chrysler rather than maintaining an individual existence. However, the performance associated with these cars is remarkable and is the reason for the huge coverage of the international market. Except for India, Hong Kong, and Europe, the brand is widely accepted in the rest of the world.

Dodge was founded by John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge in 1900. Dodge ranked second in the United States’ automobile industry during 1920. After the death of the owner in 1920 because of Spanish flu, the company was sold to Dillon, Read & Co, in 1925. In the year 1928, it was again sold to Chrysler.

Within the sixties, compact, and passenger cars were produced by the company however, this trend was changed in the seventies with the production of trucks, and full-sized passengers. The period from 1998 to 2009 has been the period of multiple ownership changes for the company. Dodge Viper, Dodge Caliber SRT-4, and Dodge Ram SRT-10 are some of the current models that the company is producing currently.

Facts about Dodge:

  • The founders of Dodge Company were machinists, not engineers.
  • Henry Ford bought Dodge in return for the stocks in Ford Motors.
  • By 1925, one million vehicles were sold.
  • “Large SUV Best Buy” award was won by Dodge for five consecutive years.
  • Dodge earned the “Residual Value Award” for three consecutive years.
  • The reputation of the Dodge brothers helped in giving the initial push to the company- the cars sold before they were even produced.

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The VIN number can be found in a number of locations. The VIN Number also known as the chassis number and consists of 17 characters which are a mix of numbers and letters. So let’s get to where we can locate the VIN Number on a Dodge.

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