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Lexus LS 400: All Major FAQs Answered

lexus ls 400
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Lexus is a luxurious subsidiary of the Japanese auto giants Toyota, it is available in over 90 countries.

Lexus is also Japan’s best-selling brand of Premium cars. They are headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. 

Ls 400 is one of the make’s models, in recent times so many questions are now being raised about the LS 400.

This publication is going to address some of the frequently asked questions about the LS 400 version.

What are the generations of Lexus ls 400?

First-generation (XF 19; 1989)




Second generation (XF 20; 1994)




Third generation (XF 30, 2000)




Fourth generation( XF 40, 2006)






Fifth generation (XF 50, 2017)



2020 – till date 

Quick Facts About The Lexus LS series

  • The development of the LS began in 1983
  • Since the start of production each generation of the Lexus LS has been manufactured in the Japanese city of Tahara Aichi
  • The LS 400 was among the first luxury sedans to feature an automatic tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel with SRS airbag, power-adjustable shoulder seat belts, and an electrochromic rear-view mirror
  • The name “Celsior” is taken from Latin word Celsus, meaning “lofty or “elevated”
  • The code name for the secret flagship sedan was F1
  • The first LS 400 model debuted in 1989
  • The domestic market version of LS 400 and LS 430 was badged as Toyota Celsior.
  • The fifth-generation was changed to a V6 engine.
  • Lexus had a major recall in December 1989, shortly after launch. Based on complaints from customers over defective wiring and overheating brake lights. Over 8,000 vehicles were recalled and were serviced within 20days.


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