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Are you interested in importing cars to Jamaica? Whether you’re wondering how to import a vehicle from the US, considering the cost to ship a vehicle from the US, or exploring the process of shipping cars into the country, you’re in the right place.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything about the import duty on cars in , document requirements and much more.

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The Process of Motor Vehicle Import to Jamaica

Shipping a car into Jamaica involves several key steps, and it’s essential to have a clear understanding of each one:

  1. Selecting Your Vehicle: Initiate the process by researching and choosing the desired motor vehicle to be imported, whether brand new or used. This early decision is critical to shaping the subsequent steps in the importation of the motor vehicle.
  2. Calculating Costs: Determine the comprehensive expenses associated with shipping, covering the purchase price, shipping fees, customs duties, and taxes. This meticulous cost analysis ensures financial readiness for the entire importation venture.
  3. Choosing the Right Importer: Select a reputable importer or customs Jamaica import service to facilitate the process. Their expertise will guide you through necessary documentation and logistical considerations, ensuring a smoother importation experience.
  4. Document Preparation: Ensure all required documents are meticulously prepared. Essential paperwork includes the Bill of Lading, Certificate of Title, invoice, import license, and personal identification. These documents are crucial for customs clearance.
  5. Customs Clearance: Rely on your chosen import service to assist in navigating customs procedures, including the payment of applicable import duties. This step is paramount for legal entry of the vehicle into the country.
  6. Safety and Emissions Inspections: Undergo mandatory safety and emissions inspections to align the vehicle being imported, whether new or used, with Jamaican standards. This ensures compliance with local regulations and guarantees the safety and environmental standards of the imported vehicle.
  7. Vehicle Registration: Upon successful completion of inspections, register your vehicle with Jamaican authorities. This step is pivotal for obtaining the registration certificate and license plates, allowing you to drive legally on the island. Completing this registration process ensures adherence to local regulations and facilitates a seamless transition to driving your imported vehicle in Jamaica.

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Factors to Consider Before Shipping a car to Jamaica

If you’re considering shipping cars to Jamaica, researching reputable dealers and having access to detailed vehicle history reports is crucial.

To ship a car to Jamaica, several key factors must be considered:

1. Age Limit for Vehicles:

There’s a strict age limit of 6 years for standard motor vehicles and 10 years for heavy-duty equipment imported into Jamaica. Complying with this age restriction is crucial for a successful shipment.

2. Resident Importation Allowance:

Jamaican residents returning after a period away can import two vehicles, either new or used, within a three-year span. One vehicle can be for personal use, and the other for commercial purposes, offering flexibility for returning residents.

3. Vehicle Eligibility Criteria:

New cars of any make and model are eligible for shipment. However, used cars must not exceed 3 years in age, and commercial vehicles must be within 4 years of manufacture. Additionally, a crucial condition is that the imported vehicle cannot be sold for a stipulated 3-year period, clearly stated on the title.

4. Import License Compliance:

Strict adherence to obtaining a proper import license is paramount. Failure to secure the necessary license can result in substantial fines, equating to three times the vehicle’s value, along with the potential seizure of the imported vehicle.

5. Import Quota and Restrictions:

Individuals are limited to importing a maximum of two vehicles every three years. This quota aims to regulate vehicle importation and ensure compliance with Jamaican regulations.

6. Title Stipulations:

The title of the imported vehicle explicitly outlines the 3-year restriction on selling the vehicle. This condition serves as a legal requirement and must be adhered to by the importer.

7. Valuation Report Requirement:

Once the car is successfully imported, obtaining a valuation report is mandatory. This document issued to the owner of the vehicle is essential for special purposes like insurance purposes, ensuring that the vehicle is adequately assessed and covered.

Understanding these crucial aspects is vital for anyone planning to ship a car to Jamaica to ensure a smooth and compliant importation process.

The Steps Involved in Motor Vehicle Import Permit to Jamaica

A license is required to import a vehicle to Jamaica. Here are the steps to follow to get a vehicle import permit.

warranty validity

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Check if you qualify based on your relationship to Jamaica (citizen, child of Jamaican parentage, spouse, returning resident, contract officer, or work permit holder). Businesses and other special purposes have their own criteria.

environmental compliance

Step 2: Assess the Age of Vehicle Restrictions

Consider age restrictions for your vehicle type, ranging from 5 to 30 years, depending on the category.

Warranty status

Step 3: Purchase Vehicle

Once eligible and considering age restrictions, proceed to buy your vehicle.

custom clearance

Step 4: Conduct Pre-Shipment Inspection

For used vehicles from specific countries (USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates), perform a pre-shipment inspection through Autoterminal Japan Limited.


Step 5: Apply for License

Submit your application either manually or electronically via JSWIFT.

Step 6: Submit Documentation

Gather necessary documents, including the invoice, registration certificate, proof of identification, TRN (Taxpayer Registration Number), pre-shipment inspection certificate, and receipt for processing fees. Submit them to [email protected].

Service and Maintenance Records

Step 7: Check Application Status

Monitor your application status through the JSWIFT electronic system, as processing may take up to 3 working days.

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Step 8: Proceed to Jamaica Customs Agency

Once your license is ready, proceed to the Jamaica Customs Agency before your vehicle arrives in Jamaica. Ensure you’ve paid the necessary fees, such as the J$8,737.50 import license fee.

By carefully following each step, you ensure a smooth and legally compliant process for importing your motor vehicle to Jamaica.

Statistics of Car Imports in Jamaica

Understanding the landscape of car imports in Jamaica can provide valuable insights:

  1. Source Countries: The United States is one of the primary sources of shipped cars to Jamaica, with a wide range of vehicles originating from these countries.
  2. Popular Makes and Models: Brands like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan dominate the market, offering a variety of models to choose from.
  3. Import Trends: Import trends indicate a growing preference for used cars, reflecting affordability and availability in overseas markets.
  4. Import Regulations: Jamaican import regulations and car shipping duty rates may change periodically, so staying updated is essential.

Detailed Vehicle History VIN Check Service: Why it’s Essential Before You Import a Car to Jamaica

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Whether you’re interested in US shipped motor vehicles or cars from other countries like Japan, understanding the process and costs is crucial.

Trust in reputable car shipping companies and stay informed about auto shipping statistics in Jamaica to make informed decisions about your motor vehicle imports.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, you can export a commercial automobile to Jamaica. However, it’s essential to be aware of any age limits imposed by the government of the country where the vehicle was purchased. Some countries may have restrictions on exporting vehicles beyond a certain age.

Returning residents importing an automobile to Jamaica should provide particulars of the motor, shipping information, and details about the country where the vehicle was purchased. Engaging a licensed customs broker is advisable, as they can assist in ensuring the proper documentation is submitted to customs.

Yes, there are regulations for importing light commercial vehicles to JAM. To determine the duties, it’s crucial to provide accurate shipping information and details about the type of vehicle. Consulting with a licensed customs broker can help navigate the specific duties associated with shipping.

Information on the trade board, including regulations and requirements for importing a motor vehicle to Jamaica, can be obtained from their official website or by contacting their offices directly. It is recommended to review this information thoroughly to ensure compliance with all necessary procedures

The import duty on cars in Jamaica varies depending on factors such as the vehicle’s age, value, and engine capacity. It’s essential to check the current rates to calculate your import costs accurately.