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How to Get a Vehicle’s Maintenance Records by VIN

How to Get a Vehicle’s Maintenance Records by VIN
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There are various ways of obtaining a vehicle’s maintenance records, this article will expatiate on how to get a vehicle’s maintenance records by VIN.

Every car has maintenance records, usually kept by the owner, the law in some countries of the world demands that annual maintenance be carried out on every vehicle. 

This routine maintenance helps law enforcement agencies to ascertain the roadworthiness of the car in question. 

As for the used car buyer, it helps them to determine how the previous owner has maintained the vehicle. It also assists the buyer in ascertaining if the vehicle is being sold at a fair price. 

How to get a vehicle’s maintenance records

There are many ways of confirming the maintenance records of any used vehicle, and they are as follows:

Get in touch with the garage

If perhaps you are buying a vehicle used within your neighborhood, you can easily get the maintenance records from that garage where the car has been maintained.

Visit the dealership

You can acquire the vehicle maintenance records from the dealership, the dealership should also be able to provide you with every other information required of you.

Check the car’s window

Some dealerships might crop and display a portion of the vehicle’s maintenance records as part of the window sticker. So while surfing through the dealers’ showroom, observe the window stickers and the information they contain.

How to Get a Vehicle’s Maintenance Records by VIN

You can access vehicle maintenance records by VIN by making use of powerful online tools now available.

In recent times many powerful tools have been developed to help used car buyers to search for and find vehicle history reports with ease.

One such powerful tool is the detailed vehicle history tool from Detailed Vehicle history, you can access any vehicle’s maintenance records and history by VIN using this tool.

In the vehicle history report lies a section that specifies all the various maintenance a used vehicle has undergone and where, the web app can also specify the type of maintenance that was carried out on the vehicle. 

To get the maintenance history of a used car from Detailed Vehicle History simply follows the following steps:

  1. Find your VIN number 
  2. Input the VIN number on the form field provided alongside other needed information.
  3. Click on check VIN 

This action above will result in the production of a detailed vehicle history report which contains a section that provides a detailed description of the vehicle and the maintenance carried out on it so far. 

How to Get a Vehicle’s Maintenance Records by VIN

Fig 1. A cropped section of the vehicle history report showing the maintenance records

Alternatively, you can download the free “VIN decoding & Vehicle History app” from Detailed Vehicle History. 

The free “VIN decoding and Vehicle History” app is a world-class app developed by a team of developers of Detailed Vehicle History, this powerful mobile application leverages emerging technologies to provide an outstanding user experience.

Cloud-based APIs empower the app with fast VIN decoding speed, the Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) enables its users to save time and eliminates the possibility of inputting a wrong VIN. 

It utilizes Artificial Intelligence, making it possible to scan and decode VIN in both online and offline modes. 

This application enables you to access vehicle maintenance information without hassles, you now download this application on your smartphone via the play store of the Apps store.

Conclusively, many individuals are planning to buy a used vehicle, in Africa, the West African region precisely is currently importing over 900,000 used cars every year. 

Which is approximately 70 percent of the total imported. 

Most of these used vehicles have undergone several damages, some may have been damaged by floods and other natural incidents, which may not be obvious on physical examinations, but nonetheless, a detailed vehicle history report shows or brings to light information that may not be readily available through a mechanical check or visual inspection. 

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