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How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Online?

How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Online?
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What can prompt someone to search for a vehicle owner’s details online? Can you find the details of a car owner online? How do you conduct a vehicle owner lookup? These questions will be answered in this article. 

But first, when can one assume ownership of a vehicle? What makes one a car owner? A car owner is an individual who is lawfully in possession of an automobile such persons’ details are duly registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles or other governmental bodies as the law of the country permits.

Fool.com  reports that the US has consistently ranked at the top in terms of registered car owners with 95% of households owning a vehicle as of August 2022. 

While Valuepenguin report says: “We found that 91.55% of households reported having access to at least one vehicle in 2020, up from 90.82% in 2015”.

We therefore can rightly say that so many individuals have their personal details attached to one or more cars, and hence every “chariot has a charioteer”.

Why check ownership of a car?

All around the world there have been reported and non-reported cases of “hit and run” associated with vehicle owners or drivers. Persons at the accident scene may want to find out the owner of the vehicle so justice could be served, this they do by copying out and tracking the vehicle registration number. 


How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Online?

Also, used car buyers usually get curious about the previous owner’s details, they want to know if the car was involved in a crime, especially if the deal is too good to be true, they may get suspicious that they are about to land a stolen property. 

Can one find the details of the car owner? Yes, in several countries there is a procedure for doing this, most time it requires getting a court order, find out what is applicable in your country, and following through. 

Can one actually find details of a car owner online?

With Detailed Vehicle History vehicle owner by VIN number check is possible, this check will provide you with records of previous owners, however, this may not contain information such as names, and other biographical information due to privacy policy, but geolocation data and timeline of usage of the vehicle are sure to be provided by Detailed Vehicle History. 

The ownership information included in the vehicle history report should be enough for someone considering buying a used vehicle to make a sound decision. 

Should one desire to go further in their inquiries for some specific reasons best known to them? Then it is advisable that they find out the workability of their venture via the governmental body in their country that regulates vehicle ownership and registration, and confirm if they can do this check online on their official website or not. 

What about a free ownership detail check online? Most websites helping to check who owns a vehicle for free have been found to be wanting with respect to data accuracy, hence caution needs to be taken when accessing and using their tools. 

Conclusively, if you have witnessed an accident or robbery involving a vehicle, it is advisable you call the police instead of going through the rigorous steps of finding the vehicle owner, if you can get closer to the vehicle you can also take a snapshot of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in a situation where the license plate number is unavailable or invalid.

The VIN can be found around the windshield of the vehicle, with exception of older vehicles the VIN is a 17-digit alphanumeric character that is unique to every vehicle, it can also be found around the dashboard and driver’s door jamb.

You can check vehicle ownership by VIN number online, and get more information about the car, information which includes but is not limited to: 

Theft records

Insurance history

Odometer verification

Hail damage check

Fire damage check

Detailed Vehicle Verification

Crash test records

Flood damage check

Number of previous users

Maintenance records

Open manufacturers/NHTSA recalls

Auction records

Auction Photos

Technical Specification information

Auction Lemon/Manufacturer Buyback record information

Abandoned title record information

Grey market title record information

Loan/Lien record(s) information

Repossessed record information

Corrected title record information

Duplicate title record information

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