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How to Check ATV VIN Number

How to Check ATV VIN Number
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 Checking the VIN of motor vehicles is relatively easy when compared with running an ATV VIN lookup or check, this is simply because there are few companies providing ATV VIN check services. The ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle, they are often referred to as quad bike, or Light Utility Vehicle (LUV).

ATVs were initially designed for just one operator but in recent times some manufacturers have designed ATVs to accommodate a driver and a passenger. 

Most used ATV buyers are currently using various automotive forums to find out how they can check an ATV VIN and acquire a detailed vehicle history. This article provides a simple suggestion on how to run an ATV VIN check.

In 1967 the first tricycle ATV was designed and named the Sperry-Rand as a graduate project of John Plessinger at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts. 

As days rolled on to years, Honda introduced their first sit-on straddle-ridden three-wheeler ATV in 1969. Yamaha introduced theirs followed by Kawasaki and then Suzuki and then the list goes on.

Where can I find my ATV VIN?

Generally, you can check VIN on ATV in the following places:

Popular ATV makes and where VIN can be found


Honda ATV VINs are usually etched on the front cross member behind the front rack


  • Right/left rear frame 
  • Front left wheel 


Commonly found on the left side under the shift lever near the front end of the vehicle


Etched on the lower frame tube, left of the engine.


ATV VINs are stamped on the left rear side or lower left side of the ATV frame

How to run an ATV VIN lookup

The best ATV VIN lookup services are currently being provided by Detailed Vehicle History, they have made this service available, through a powerful web application and a mobile application (The free VIN decoder and Vehicle History App) which is now available for downloads for Android and Apple users. 

Using the web application for ATV VIN lookup

Follow these steps to perform an ATV VIN lookup:

ATV VIN lookup with a mobile application

The detailed Vehicle History Application is a world-class tool which has been found useful for ATV VIN decoding and history report generations.

After downloading the application, you may signup with any of the options that are available, when you do, you will have the luxury of scanning your ATV VIN with OCR powered scanner of the app. 

Proceeds of a free ATV VIN Number Check

Currently there are no free ATV VIN number check, however, a paid check can still allow you to access the following:

  • The Title information
  • ATV technical specifications
  • ATV recall status
  • True/calculated mileage 
  • Odometer records 
  • Damages done by earthquake, hail, hurricane and other forms of damage are also covered 
  • Loan and lien records 
  • Theft data
  • Number of previous owners

Why should I run an ATV VIN check

ATV VIN check is advisable especially if you are looking to buy a used ATV, its helps you know what has happened to the vehicle in the past and how such events can affect the future.

Information about accident and maintenance history helps to ascertain the possible cost of running a particular ATV. 

Imagine the heartache and other undesirable legal consequence that can result from the purchase of a stolen ATV. The ATV VIN check exposes these negative historical threats and helps you to know what to avoid and what to invest in. 

Safety is another major consideration, it will be unwise to purchase an ATV with an open safety recall, the ATV VIN lookup assists in knowing the safety issues associated with any used ATV.


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