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VehicleHistory VS DetailedVehicleHistory: Surprising facts!

VehicleHistory VS DetailedVehicleHistory
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Vehicle History (VH) and Detailed Vehicle History(DVH) are renounced auto allied companies specialized in the provision of vehicle history reports.

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle one important document you must acquire is the vehicle history report, which narrates the history of the vehicle in question.

Vehicle History and Detailed Vehicle History are two prominent names in the auto industry providing vehicle history reports, the names are nearly identical making them difficult to distinguish one from the other. 

Indeed there are similarities between them and also a lot of differences which will be considered in this article.

VehicleHistory VS DetailedVehicleHistory-understanding the similarities

It’s easy to pick out these similarities after all both companies are renounced providers of vehicle history reports and have consistently done this for so many years now.

Both companies have added value to their customers as this is evident in the number of positive reviews both companies have received.

They also offer license plate search services, providing accurate information that conforms with the true history of the vehicle. 

Vehicle History VS DetailedVehicleHistory

Here is some brief comparisons between the major service rendered by both websites which are vehicle history reports.

Vehicle History Reports

Let us have a closer look at the vehicle history report offered by Detailed Vehicle History and Vehicle History, as the name implies Detailed Vehicle History, is currently providing the most detailed vehicle history.

Here is a link to a sample history report from Vehicle History for a 2015 Jeep Wrangler and here is the link for the Detailed Vehicle History Report for the same 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

Here are the features present/absent

We are using as a case study a Jeep Wrangler to show the differences between these two companies under consideration

Web content and other services

While Vehicle History provided articles in form of reviews for vehicles, Detailed Vehicle History is going beyond the border to provide both reviews, automotive news and helpful industry tips for car owners, buyers, and dealerships.

While both websites support license plate search, Detailed Vehicle History has individual pages with unique content explaining features and parameters peculiar to each state in the USA and Canada.

Other services provided by Detailed Vehicle History include:

Classic Vehicle History Reports

Detailed Vehicle History is providing support for hundreds of classic vehicle manufacturers, you can now obtain a classic vehicle history report with Detailed Vehicle History.

Window stickers for modern and classic vehicles

Detailed Vehicle History provides Moroney stickers (also known as window stickers) for individuals and dealerships, this has helped all dealerships leverage this service to be law-abiding citizens and business owners in line with the Automobile Disclosure Act of 1958.

Affiliate Program

The Detailed Vehicle History Affiliate program enables dealers, bloggers, digital marketers, individuals, etc to earn by referring customers to buy any of the Detailed Vehicle History products.

The beauty of this product is that it provides 40% commission per sale, individuals leveraging this program can offer, coupons and discounts, and enjoy the longest cookie duration in the industry of over 365 days.

Mobile Application

Do you enjoy using mobile apps? Detailed Vehicle History got you covered as they have developed an AI-powered app, with the unique ability to scan and decode VIN online and offline. 

The mobile app has the same functionalities as the website


Vehicle History has developed a system that enables users to make comparisons between vehicles, this comparison helps them in deciding if or not to buy a vehicle.

How about Detailed Vehicle History, it might interest you to know that in recent times Detailed Vehicle History is riding the turbulent waves of emerging technology, leveraging Machine Learning in developing a VIN decoder system with one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry

That is not all, they have currently developed an artificially intelligent mobile application which makes use of the Object Recognition Technology in VIN decoding both online and offline, and also in the generation of vehicle history reports, this capability is making Detailed Vehicle History to stand out amongst all competitors.

Client Trust and Reviews

Both domains are registered users of the TrustPilot review site, and have amassed hundreds of reviews so far, will you like to see for yourself what their clients are speaking about them?

You can check out the Trustpilot review for Vehicle History and Detailed Vehicle History now.

In quick summary, Detailed Vehicle History is ahead, with over 135 reviews and an Excellent cumulative star rating of 4.9

So in a nutshell Detailed Vehicle History has a higher trust score when compared to Vehicle History.

VehicleHistory VS DetailedVehicleHistory

Detailed Vehicle History is ahead, with over 135 reviews and an Excellent cumulative star rating of 4.9

VehicleHistory VS DetailedVehicleHistory

 Vehicle history has a star rating of 4.7 after amassing 129 reviews.

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