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How to Spot a Fake Window Sticker on a Vehicle

How to Spot a Fake Window Sticker on a Vehicle
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Window stickers- one of the prominent decals on a new vehicle, they are used to indicate so many things which a buyer should be interested in, these things include but are not limited to the MSRP, fuel economy, safety rating, emission, technical specifications, and more.

Window stickers or Monroney stickers are also required by law in the United States to be displayed on new cars. 

Are there fake window stickers? If yes, how can one identify them and ensure they are not defrauded? It is worth noting that Detailed Vehicle History has been a force to be reckoned with in the reproduction of OEM window stickers for all manufacturers since 2018! Hence if you are in doubt about the originality of any window sticker you can cross-check the originality with the window sticker we provide

How to Spot a Fake Window Sticker on a Vehicle

Falsifying the window sticker is hard for the dealers, as hard as a dog eating a bone hung around its neck, this is because any alteration to the sticker, including a decrease or increase in MRSP will result in federal sanction according to the law. 

By fake window stickers, we mean addendums or a sticker displaying the list and prices of dealer-added types of equipment/items.

Dealerships that use this manipulative method usually have a small confusing sticker attached beside the OEM window sticker, they can display the total price which will include the price of added items such as the price for etching the VIN, the price for the addition of sunroofs, etc. 

The features of a real window sticker include the original equipment from the manufacturer and do not specify addons or extra items such as roof racks added by the dealership. This knowledge will help you to know which window sticker is the original and the fake.

How to obtain the original OEM window sticker

You can obtain a reproduced version of the OEM window sticker online using the Detailed Vehicle History tool. 

After generating the window sticker you compare and contrast the one available at the dealership and a reproduced version from Detailed Vehicle History. This will help you to know if the window sticker on the showroom is fake or original.

The Information You Will Find On The Window Sticker

The reproduced window sticker provides information about the vehicle, which includes:

  • Model
  • Trim level
  • Color
  • Special features
  • Engine specifications
  • Fuel economy
  • Safety ratings
  • MSRP (Manufacturer suggested retail price) 
  • The Vehicle Identification Number is VIN

Window stickers have been instrumental in the increase of sales seen in many dealerships, for one thing, it serves as a mini-salesperson because it provides all the information which is needed by customers to make a purchasing decision. 

Moreover, having a detailed understanding of the MSRP and the technical specifications helps buyers to evaluate their budget and confirm if this is the car they need.

Conclusively, if one wants to know or be able to identify counterfeit money, one need not go about studying all the endless counterfeit style possible, instead, all they have to do is to study the real money and get familiar with if they do this they will always be able to pick out any fake currency no matter how real it may appear, in like manner if you want to identify counterfeit window sticker take your time to study the original window sticker version provided by Detailed Vehicle History, if you have a sound understanding of what the original version looks like, then you will be able to pick out any fake window sticker.

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