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How To Check Car History Online

Check Car History Online
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Understanding the history of a used car is priceless, it helps to know if investing in a particular used vehicle is worthwhile, that is why we want to have a closer look at “how to check car history online”.

It might interest you to know that Detailed Vehicle History has a tool which provides a top-notch vehicle history report.

To check a car history online using the Detailed Vehicle History tool you will need to have one of the following, either a Vehicle Identification number (VIN) or a license plate.

Check Car History Online

Here are the various steps to take if you need to see the history and other details of any vehicle.

Find Your VIN or License Plate

There are many places you can find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) around your car, and they include the following places:


Drivers door Jamb

Car manual


And surely you can get your license plate by going right in front or behind your car. below is a pictorial representation of where you can find your VIN.


Visit Detailedvehiclehistory.com

The vehicle history check tool (also known as VIN check tool) is available on the homepage of Detailed Vehicle History.

While on the homepage you have the option to check the history of the car using the VIN or the license plate. 

Input The Required Details

Assuming you choose to make the research using the Vehicle Identification number, then you can input your VIN, phone number and email address on the corresponding fields, after which you may click on “Check VIN

Then you should be able to access primary information about the car, such as, make model and year and upon payment you will get a full vehicle history report for that particular car.

Decode VIN

An image showing the VIN 

This video explains how to check car history online. 

Each time you want to buy a used vehicle, its as though you are venturing into the unknown, we have prepared an article that can help you see some possible things to consider before buying a used car. 

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