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How to buy a car from an auction without a dealer license

How to buy a car from an auction without a dealer license
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Are you wondering how you may buy a car from an auction without a dealer license? If so, read this blog for complete instructions.

How to buy a car from an auction without a dealer license

Simply put, you can buy a car from an auction without a dealer license by signing up with any online auction which allows or provides such options for private or individual entities to signup and bid for cars. 

Online auction sites are currently booming and will continue to increase in strength as more and more people shift their attention and business online. 

If you want to get some great deals for used automobiles, ranging from ATVs, motorcycles, SUVs, Vans, trucks, and semis, you can find them all on an online auction site.

The beauty of online auctions is that they hand the power over to you, you can enhance your search experience by using filters, then you can find cars with clean titles, cars that are salvaged, scrapped, involved in a crash, damaged by flood, and so on, each of these cars has their own pricing as well. 

In time past, dealer auction events are only open to dealers with auction licenses, hence if you need to buy a car from any of these events you may have to ask a dealer friend to go make the bid on your behalf, but those days are gradually nearing their end. 

Most people nowadays understand that asking a dealer to bid for them, will increase the cost of purchase as they will have to pay the dealer for their services, and ultimately reduce the profit they can make from the resale of such vehicle.

Can I buy a salvage car at an auction without a dealer’s license?

Yes! You can buy a salvage car at an online auction without a dealer’s license, all you need to do is to find and sign up with any auction site that supports such transaction, and that is all you need to bid for your salvage cars!

How to buy a car from an auction without a dealer license

What you must know before bidding for cars online

Apart from checking to confirm that a particular vehicle meets your technical and financial requirements, you should even look further, how so? 

You should know that some auctions list damaged cars that have been refurbished as clean, in a bid to sell them at a higher price, worse yet there is also a possibility of buying a stolen vehicle.

So then, how can one avoid all of these pitfalls associated with auctions both online and offline? 

This is exactly where you factor Detailed Vehicle History into the equation!  Detailed Vehicle History has developed an AI-powered tool that has the ability to access relevant databases and score data points which will bring to light all there is to know about the history of any used vehicle. 

A simple VIN check with Detailed Vehicle History will yield a vehicle history report that will lay bare insights on any vehicle on an auction site supplying information, such as theft, records, real mileage or odometer readings, accident history, and lots more! 

Online auction site can provide a convenient way of finding buying and even reselling vehicles, a simple check on google can reveal to you as many online platforms as possible that supports your aspirations to bid without a dealer’s license. 

Keep in mind that there are pitfalls associated with such a transaction helps you to exercise caution and to leverage helpful tools such as the ones provided by Detailed Vehicle History and give yourself a non-regrettable buying or selling experience. 

Each online auction has its modalities, search and find the one that serves your needs and join them. Additionally, you can also ask a friend who is a dealer to help you and bid for cars in a physical location or during on-site auctions. 

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