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Best VIN decoder and vehicle history app 2024

VIN decoder and Vehicle History
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On 23rd June, 2022 Detailed Vehicle History released The VIN decoder and Vehicle History application. The app has a unique capability to decode Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) in offline or online mode for free! Amazing right? It scans VINs and license plates (US) and returns decoded data in seconds. 

 Buyers of used vehicles will no longer experience buyer remorse or buy vehicles that will not be economically beneficial as all who take advantage of the VIN decoder and vehicle history app will access detailed vehicle history reports for any used vehicle of their choice.

Download the free VIN decoder and Vehicle History App

Features of the VIN decoder and Vehicle History app

Here are some of the features of this application:

Advanced Technology

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), the app utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology enabling it to scan VINs and license plates with the highest accuracy in the industry. The app has successfully eliminated the manual VIN input saving time and cost for all using it

Offline VIN decoding

The app has the ability to decode VIN offline, providing the year, make, model, trim, drivetrain, and other essential information in the offline mode

Data Storage

Users can access decoded VIN data anywhere anytime because the app stores the details of every decoded VIN.

Access to detailed vehicle history

It provides privileged access to the detailed vehicle history of any decoded VIN, access y to ownership history, title checks, mileage records, theft records, loan and lien information, auction records with exclusive images, service and repair history, inspection records and more!

Mileage-based service recommendations

The app also comes with a tool to check upcoming services and repairs which provides the recommended services at a mileage due, recalls, warranty status of the vehicle and upcoming repairs with the cost of repair included.

Fast VIN decoding

This VIN decoder and vehicle history app has a unique ability to decode VIN and return data in split seconds.

Social media enabled

Users have the option of signing up via social media, making the process a two click easy process!

With this VIN decoder you can run 

  • VIN Checks, 
  • Auction Checks, 
  • Title Check, 
  • Lien Check, 
  • License Plate Lookup, 
  • Decode VIN  online and offline, 
  • Decode motorcycle VIN, ATV VIN  

Features of a vehicle history report

  1. Theft records
  2. Insurance history
  3. Odometer verification 
  4. Hail damage check 
  5. Fire damage check 
  6. Detailed Vehicle Verification
  7. Crash test records 
  8. Flood damage check
  9. Number of previous users
  10. Maintenance records
  11. Open manufacturers/NHTSA recalls
  12. Auction records
  13. Auction Photos
  14. Technical Specification

If you are buying or selling a used vehicle, it is very important that you get a detailed vehicle history report as it will help you make a good decision and avoid the pitfalls associated with used cars.

With this VIN decoder you can run 

  • VIN Checks, 
  • Auction Checks, 
  • Title Check, 
  • Lien Check, 
  • License Plate Lookup, 
  • Decode VIN  online and offline, 
  • Decode motorcycle VIN, ATV VIN  

VIN decoder and vehicle history app and its dekstop version is able to decode VINs of all used cars. These include:

You also gain access to our vehicle depreciation analysis, theft records, accident records, manufacturers recalls, auction photos, mileage, access upcoming maintenance of checked vehicles, and the best time to buy or sell a used car in Canada, the USA, Europe, worldwide and lots more.

Benefits of the “VIN decoder and vehicle history” app

  1. The most accurate vehicle history data provider app in the USA and Canada.
  2. Free VIN decoding (online and offline)
  3. (24/7) customer support to assist with your queries
  4. VIN lookup and license plate search
  5. Use the phone’s camera to easily scan the VIN, license plate, and barcode
  6. Most detailed Vehicle History report, with Auction information and images included
  7. Best Value for money – our used car report is the cheapest in the USA and Canada
  8. Access to upcoming maintenance services 
  9. Auction records with exclusive images

What our users say

One the satisfied  users of the Detailed Vehicle History product i is Mark from the USA  who said: “I asked for a report on a 2002 Ford Taurus, I was going to sell this car and had a buyer request a report, I was surprised with all the detailed information from the end of 2001, at the time when it first went into operation to the last time I had it serviced.

It showed the two accidents that it was in, oil changes, and all the service that was done thru the years. I was the second owner starting December of 2002, so I already knew what should be on it. It was a great report and will be using this company for any more auto reports that I will need”.

Mark is not the only one who has found this product to be very useful. You can see what other people are saying about the detailed vehicle history they received. 

An invaluable tool for auto-allied companies

The app avails businesses the opportunity to know about the past of any used vehicle and make informed decisions, buy the right inventory, and underwrite policies respectively at times of insurance claims, and more.

It makes valuable information available to buyers, sellers, dealers, auctions, and insurance companies.

VIN decoder and Vehicle History

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