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5 effective ways to improve your car’s performance

effective ways to improve your car’s performance
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Looking for effective ways to improve your vehicle’s performance? Well in this article we will be considering 5 ways to improve your car’s performance. 

Before thinking of how to improve your car’s performance proper planning is needed, you may have to consider and properly plan what best suits your needs

According to your budget, you will know and decide what’s best for you in this regard, usually, most modifications in a car’s body or a mechanical upgrade may be dependent on the terrain in which the vehicle drives. 

Regardless of where a car may be driven, these methods outlined here will prove effective in many ramifications. 

Mechanic Fixing a Car

If your car is a used vehicle you may want to consider taking a quick look at the maintenance history of the vehicle before you purchased it, recently a new mobile app has been making waves in the automotive industry, the application which is now available on the Google play store and App store is a data-driven application built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The free “VIN decoder and Vehicle History” app provides maintenance records of every used car enabling used car owners to know what kind of maintenance operation they will carry out to enhance their automobile’s performance.

How to improve your vehicle’s performance

Now let’s get to the brass tacks, and answer the question, below are some of the things you can do to enhance your vehicle’s performance. 

Reduce carbon clogging!

Carbon, an essential component of life, is advantageous in nature, this wonderful element when not properly managed could clog out the “respiratory system” of your vehicle! 

What could possibly lead to car engines and other mechanical parts being gummed up in soot or other forms of carbon? 

Well, the major culprit here is poor fuel quality! Fuel with poor quality releases an unusual amount of carbon, which ultimately leads to poor fuel economy and bad performance.

A carbon service can help you improve the following: 

  • Fuel economy 
  • Reduce exhaust emissions 
  • Enhance the operating efficiency of your engine 
  • Makes the car more fun to drive.

Maintain a good air intake hose

In the recent past, we have provided more insight into the value a good air intake hose has on the operational efficiency of any vehicle, we answered questions such as, “can in duck tape an air intake hose”? 

The respiratory system is one of the most vital systems in the human body because it brings in the gas needed to power other organs, likewise, the air intake and exhaust system of the vehicle provide the air needed to power the engine, if any of the components of this system goes bad then with time the entire vehicle will also be grounded to a halt.

For example, if the air intake hose is broken, it will collect debris which will ultimately lead to a blockage of the system, hence one sure easy way to enhance a vehicle’s performance is keeping the air intake and exhaust system in good condition.

Use good lubricants

For good performance, it is advisable that you use good lubricants, perhaps synthetic lubricants. You may wonder why this is important, well in a nut-shell there is a grand master called frictional force, if not kept in check with proper lubrication, this force could wreak havoc and make it really difficult for your engine to produce the required horsepower. With proper lubrication, the efficiency of the engine can be improved.

Do not overload your car

This one is pretty straightforward, and will not cost you a dime, so let me ask, do you “put the round peg in a round hole? Or do you do the opposite? 

If you treat your car like a hotel or a home by loading it with unnecessary pieces of stuff then you are bound to use a car with reduced performance and you could be likened to someone forcing a “square peg into a round hole”, it won’t fit! You can improve efficiency by a simple reduction of weight.

Add an air suspension

As mentioned earlier in this article, some of the things you can do to improve your car’s performance might cost you a little, so if you are financially buoyant then you should consider this very popular upgrade, you can replace conventional shock absorber or metal springs of your car with air suspension. 

The secret is in the compressed air, it enhances the driving experience by making it smooth. 

So which of the five methods are you planning to use? Or are you using all of them? 

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