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3 Questions to ask before buying a Used Car

used car
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Who would not embrace the idea of buying a car for half the original price or even less? ‘Is that really possible?’ you ask. Yes—if it is a previously owned automobile, better known as a used car.

The problem is, used vehicles are like masquerades, to get a good one you will have to look beyond the mask, well we have just the right tool and system required to see through the mask.

many persons fear that a used car is not a good deal. Cars, like other machinery, wear out. Thus, the value of the car decreases with age, mileage, and use, even humans grow old and die, how much more their invention.

Let us now consider some questions you may likely ask yourself before getting a used car, so fasten your seat belt and let me take you through a 180km/hr ride.

How Much Can I Afford to Spend?

In his book “Art of War” Sun Tzu explained that for a General to win he must first be cognizant of his strengths and that of his enemies, so what is the strength of your wallet? first, figure out how much your budget will allow you to spend on a car.

Premium VIN’s vehicle history reports can help you to have a sense of the current market value of the car you intend to buy, Premium VIN can help you calculate not just the price but the taxes, registration and insurance.

An African proverb has it that “one who kicks with two legs usually lands badly” you may wonder how that proverb can apply here, well it simply means you should have some funds also in your reserves, do not spend it all, be ever ready for emergency maintenance.

What Kind of Car Do I Need?

Hey! right here you need to pause and reflect seriously, are you swayed by fads? or under peer pressure? When deciding what you need, determine what is important to you.

Consider your family size and what activities the car will be used for, such as driving to work, transporting your children to school, etc.

Will the car be used for local trips or long-distance ones? if yes you will need to buy a car with low mileage, and surely the Premium VIN tool can help you find a low mileage car.

Peer pressure and the fads can make you limit yourself to a specific make and model, do not fall for this trap, instead get a car that is easy to service, get a car you can maintain.

All cars will need parts eventually. In your area is there a supplier for the appropriate parts? Parts for cars over ten years of age can be hard to obtain.

Is It a Good Car?

Well in my definition a good car is one that has been serviced well. Generally, it is best to avoid cars with extremely high mileage—especially if this is the result of driving in the city rather than on highways, this too is spelt out in Premium VIN’s history report.

one thing is getting a penalty kick another thing is scoring a goal

One thing is getting a car, another thing is maintaining the car, For example, if you buy a car for $4,000 and then spend $1,500 on needed repairs, the car will not necessarily be worth $5,000. Ordinarily, it is less expensive to buy a car in good shape than it is to buy a car in bad shape and fix it up.

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