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What You Can Achieve With Our OCR API

With our Optical Character Recognition technology  API you can leverage our advanced VIN scanning and capabilities for the benefit of your dealership business.

You can run a VIN check without having to manually copy out the VIN or type it in, this also means you can scan the license  anywhere any time.

Detection Of Stolen Vehicles

car theft

Buying or selling a stolen car is a very dangerous venture which can put one in a crossfire of police investigation.

Car thieves can replace the VIN from the stolen car with one that belongs to a legally registered vehicle.

Our OCR API can help your dealership to identify stolen vehicles.

Detecting Vehicles With Reversed Odometer


“12% of odometers in the EU are manipulated” of the approximately 40 million used cars sold each year, over 450,000 have odometers that were illegally altered, according to federal estimates.

Get our OCR API, scan VIN and learn the true history of any vehicle.

Biohazard or Chemical Spills

car painted

. If a person had the misfortune of bleeding or dying in their car, it will be announced at an auction as a “Biohazard“. It’s pretty common to run into a note about biohazard or chemical damage when browsing through salvage vehicles.

If a ‘hazardous substance’ is spilled in the car that could impact the safety of a vehicle or cause injury to its occupants.

A VIN scan conducted with our OCR product will reveal these details.




Detect Salvage Cars, Hail, Fire Damage And Lien Records

vin check

When VIN is scanned using our OCR tool a vehicle history report is generated which shows  the accident record of the vehicle in question.

Confirm The Number Of Previous Owners

number of previous owners

We provide records of previous users of a car, in our vehicle history report which can be accessed with OCR API.

Access Auction Records


With our partnership with the largest auctions worldwide, we can provide our clients with the solution to check any VIN Number for the auction history and status. Our database has seen over 250 million vehicles worldwide due to this esteemed partnership. We are the only vehicle report provider in North America to leverage vehicle history reports to include auction history and data adding a tremendous value to our customers.

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