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Does the VIN Number Show the Owner?

Does the VIN Number Show the Owner?
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Technically, there is no character in the alphanumeric vehicle identification number that provides direct owner information. 

However, during the registration of a new vehicle, the owner’s name is usually attached to the ‘vehicle title”, and other legal documentation and requirements such as loans and lease papers, and state registration documents. 

This attachment of the VIN to the current car owners’ details in title documents makes it possible for vehicle history report providers, such as Detailed Vehicle History to provide vehicle owners’ details and ownership timeline. 

So, yes the VIN does show the vehicle ownership history and timeline, to obtain such information one needs to run a “VIN check” with Detailed Vehicle History. 

When you run a VIN check with Detailed Vehicle History you will access not only the vehicle’s ownership information but other details such as mileage history, accident records, title information, maintenance records, theft records, loan and lien records, etc. 

Does the VIN Number Show the Owner?

Number of user sections in a Detailed Vehicle History Report for a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara  view full history report

Although the previous user information is not an integral part of the VIN coding, nonetheless unless you have a VIN you can never access the user information for any vehicle. 

How do I check the previous owner's details?

To check the owner(s) details for any US, UK, Canada, and Europe used cars, you follow the following simple steps: 

  • Visit Detailed Vehicle History on the home page and input the required details (Email VIN, and Phone) 
  • Click on “Check VIN” and follow the prompts 

The vehicle owner records are usually found at the top right corner of the vehicle history report under the  “A Quick Summary of Your Vehicle” section.

This section also provides insights as to how long a particular user made use of the car. 

Can I give my VIN number to a stranger?

This question usually arises when an individual wants to sell off their vehicle, they may wonder if it is a good idea to give out one VIN to a stranger. It is absolutely safe to give out a VIN number and there are no known implications for doing this.

Consider the fact that just like the plate registration number anybody who has access to your car’s body can easily find your VIN as it is clearly visible on the windshield and dashboard areas. 

Conclusively, details such as previous owner records are essential in used car purchase decisions and must be factored in if one must make an accurate judgment. 

It is therefore highly recommended that a VIN check be carried out before any transaction, a vehicle history report provides a car seller proof that his ware has not been overused, and to the car buyer, it gives confidence that a purchase decision is a good one.

Why not get yourself a vehicle history report now? 

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