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Audi VIN decoder: online and offline

Audi VIN decode
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Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) provides a system that enables you to decode Audi VIN online as means of acquiring Audi vehicle specifications and history reports. 

In the past, we have explained what it means to decode VIN and how to decode VIN online and offline.

“In a study, Experian Data found that flawed data impacts the bottom line of nearly 90% of all American companies, surely the automotive industry is not left out.

Narrowing the research to the automotive industry, Gartner found that poor quality data leads to high costs, a high customer turnover rate, and excessive expenses.

Inaccurate VIN decoding can lead to severe miscalculations that will cost dealerships thousands of dollars in the long.

Making matters worse dealerships and VIN decoding vendors can lose the trust of their clients should their clients find the data they receive incomplete, misleading, or duplicated.

The team of experts here in Detailed Vehicle History are aware of these sad consequences of flawed data output, hence they have taken extra care to create a system dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Deploying machine learning models trained from thoroughly cleaned data curated from trusted auto-allied industries, companies, and organizations to deliver a world-class VIN decoding solution, which is not only showing results in split seconds but doing so with very high accuracy.

Think about the huge benefits that await those who leverage this technology for their personal or business use?”

When buying a used Audi vehicle, VIN decoding becomes of paramount importance, Audi VIN decoding provides a high accuracy rate for the trim and specifications for any  Audi model, this is the highest VIN decoding accuracy in the industry so far.

Further research will arm you with a detailed vehicle history which will provide you with a great deal of information that could help any used car buyer to make good decisions.

VIN is an acronym that stands for a vehicle identification number, a unique alphanumeric code assigned to every vehicle by its manufacturer.

Each time an Audi VIN is decoded, the true nature and past history of the vehicle are usually revealed, the digits on the VIN and alphabets provide insights on the following:

  • Country of make
  • Manufacturer
  • Vehicle type
  • Body type
  • Engine
  • Series
  • Model
  • Check digit
  • Model year
  • Plant sequential number

However, when you use the Detailed Vehicle History Audi VIN decode or lookup tool, you will gain access to more information, such as the accident records, service, and repair history, damage and title checks, recall information, auction images, loan/lien records, true mileage, detailed vehicle history, and other valuable information about the Audi car.

How to decode an Audi VIN

To decode or run a VIN check for any Audi model, the instructional video below will help you get this done

To decode any Audi VIN simply follow the following steps

  • Find your Audi VIN number, usually placed around the windshield, driver.s door jamb, car manual, or dashboard.
  • Input the VIN number on the form field you are provided with, alongside other information, then click on “check VIN”
  • Our Audi VIN decoder system is powered by AI and will gather and provide up-to-date information about your vehicle in real-time and deliver results that will help you make the best decision.

Why should I decode my Audi VIN?

KKB reports that in 2021 alone, 40.9 billion used vehicles were sold, surely some of these vehicles might have been flood-damaged cars, cars with debts on them, stolen cars, vehicles with fake mileages, salvage vehicles, vehicles with police markers, and several other undesirable traits associated with used vehicles.

An Audi VIN decoded with the Detailed Vehicle History VIN decode tool will provide you answers to all the questions that matter most, and help you see the things that are not otherwise noticeable about your prospective car.

What you get after an Audi VIN is decoded

VIN decoding with Detailed Vehicle History (DVH)  provides you with accurate vehicle specifications, the year, make, model, and trim, this is because the DVH VIN decoder is the most accurate decoder in the industry

Additionally, you may choose to acquire the full vehicle history report after decoding a VIN, you will then have access to the following information.

Title Information

You can access the number of times a title was issued – this often indicates a new car owner. The report also reveals the dates of the current state of the title and the last title.

This is important as it helps to avoid buying a stolen vehicle or being defrauded.

Brand History

Our vehicle history report can specify the type and degree of damage a vehicle was involved in. This is due to the wealth of data we collect from insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, motor vehicle departments, and auto repair centers. A vehicle may be branded salvage, junk, flood damage, collision, abandoned, fire damaged, auctioned, hail damage, duplicate title, scrapped, the government used, etc.

Auction Photos and History

The ability of our vehicle history report to provide auction photos and history of a vehicle when available is one of the unique selling points of our product over our competitors.

Auction history reveals if a vehicle has been involved in an accident before repair and also provides a piece of firsthand information about the severity of the accident.

Each auction report includes 10+ photos of the exterior( front, back, and two sides), interior, and engine of the vehicle.

Odometer Reading

Sometimes dishonest auto dealers, in an attempt to sell off a car, will roll back the odometer to prove to their customers that a vehicle has low mileage.

However, a vehicle history report is able to show the last known and accurate odometer reading for the vehicle.

This can actually be compared with the reading on the vehicle’s dashboard so as to know if there was an odometer rollback.

Total Loss History

Vehicles that have been deemed “total loss” due to accidents or other damages, like fire, or flood hail, can be cleaned up and sold again. Our vehicle history report can show if a second-hand vehicle that you want to buy has been branded “total loss”.


Our vehicle history report can show if a vehicle has one or more recalls.

 A safety recall is issued whenever the NHTSA (National Traffic Safety Administration) declares a vehicle unsafe to drive due to a defect in some or a part of the vehicle.

Recalled vehicles are usually repaired free of charge, or sometimes replaced, for the safety of a car owner, it is recommended that they check if their vehicle has an open recall

 When enough defects occur on the vehicle, the NHTSA will request the manufacturer to issue a recall so the defect can be fixed. You can learn more about vehicle recalls and also check if your vehicle has an open recall.

Loan & Lien Verification

Loan and lien can impact the worth of a vehicle. Therefore, it’s very necessary to conduct a loan and lien verification. Doing this on time would help the buyer to negotiate a better deal on the vehicle.

Our vehicle history report can verify if a vehicle has a loan and lien history. If yes, the title transfer of ownership to the new owner will require the clearance of all charges.

Otherwise, the title will remain with the lender party until all unpaid dues are cleared though the owner might still be gained.

Police Reports

Law enforcement reports related to a vehicle can impact the current worth and resale value. Our vehicle history report can reveal a vehicle’s past vital information and reports relating to the law enforcement agencies

Insurance Data

Our vehicle history report can reveal a vehicle’s insurance claims’ details. Having access to these vital details can help to make an informed decision about the resale value of a vehicle.

Why should dealerships decode Audi VIN?

Audi VIN decode

Some of the most successful dealerships are those that have built a great deal of trust with their clients, this high trust score translates into more business deals and profits.

Dealerships that leverage the VIN decoding tool have the rare privilege of showing accurate vehicle information with zero vehicle description errors or clerical errors which cost the dealership thousands of dollars in the long run.

Offering clients the opportunity to see an additional Audi vehicle history report will help them to perceive your dealership as a transparent business and will look forward to having business dealings with you in the future.

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