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Detailed vehicle History is a leading provider of VIN reports that provides 100% accurate and up-to-date information to its customers. Use our top-notch VIN check or license plate lookup service and verify the complete history of a vehicle that you are interested in.

I am rely impressed with the services provided to me. all the information i needed is just at my finger tip and this make my work lot more easier now. I am also impressed with the quick and immediate responses. Good Job and welldone

Dotun Samuel Lagon, Nigeria

I never expected this much info for a car. They also rendered excellent services.

Dennis Itua United States

I recieved a gold standard service. It was par excellence and the staff was amazing, dedicated and customer-centric. I am in a hurry to recommend others to use your service. Thank you!

Peter Mbadugha Nigeria

Great service and accurate information. By far my trusted source when searching for vehicle report before buying one. And not expensive at all.

Aisha Bellal UAE

The platform is really amazing, straight up to the point, i have got all the answers that i am looking for SUV (GX460, Lexus 2016 model) through the vehicle's report, thumps up guys! Very reliable thanks.

Zhong T Nigeria


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    Why You Should Choose Detailed Vehicle History

    Detailed Vehicle History is one of the leading providers of vehicle history reports, auction history records with exclusive photos along with access to window stickers also known as “monroney labels” for all manufacturers Our VIN decoder service provides detailed historical data of the vehicle including number of former owners, recalls, mileage history, title checks, vehicle’s accident history, a sales record, loan and lien records, market value, repair history, upcoming services & maintenance and much more. The features that set Detailed Vehicle History apart includes.

    Decode license plate and VIN Numbers

    Outstanding ability to decode license plate and VIN numbers

    Most detailed vehicle history report

    Most detailed vehicle history report in the market

    Branded and custom window stickers

     Branded and custom window stickers available for all manufacturers

    Discount to all customers

    Discounts to all customers old and new 

    offer best prices

    view Offer best prices and money back guarantee

    Money back guarantee

    Money back guarantee

    24/7 live chat

    Excellent customer care (24/7 live chat)

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    Earn through our affiliate program via your referrals!

    How To Run A VIN Check

    Find the VIN number of your car around the windshield, driver’s dashboard, car manual or drivers doorjamb.

    Input the VIN in the in the field provided above alongside other information, then click on check VIN.

    Our AI powered system will gather up to date information about your vehicle in real time and deliver an accurate vehicle history report


    Check Manufacturers Recalls

    The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act gives NHTSA the authority to issue vehicle safety standards and to require manufacturers to recall vehicles that have safety-related defects or do not meet federal safety standards.

    Since the act was enacted in 1966, NHTSA has recalled more than 600 million cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds, as well as 46 million tires, 66 million pieces of motor vehicle equipment, and 42 million car seats due to safety defects.

    Simply use the 17 digit VIN and find out the recalls information about the vehicle. Remember, to stay safe you will need up to date information about the safety condition of your vehicle and we can provide you with that information

    Explore Our OCR Solutions

    How about running a VIN check without having to copy out the VIN, or manually typing it in? Checking out license plates anywhere any time? our OCR Solutions are the ultimate solutions.

    With our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, VIN typo errors have been eliminated, you can run a VIN check, auction check or license plate check by simply scanning the VIN or the license plate from our mobile App.


    Get Our Detailed Vehicle History (DVH) Report App Now!

    Download the DVH App, Run VIN checks, Auction Checks, Check upcoming maintenance for your vehicle free! anywhere any time.
    Scan and decode VINs, barcodes and license plates, check vehicle specifications and access vehicle history reports instantly.
    check VIN
    Most Accurate Vehicle History Report
    Find out everything you want to know about the vehicle you’re going to buy or the one you are selling!

    Salvage title check

    Title branded salvage notes that the U.S. vehicle was damaged in an accident or deemed a total loss or simply stolen. Detailed Vehicle History report will help you identify such vehicles and save your money.

    Vehicle mileage check

    Possible odometer rollbacks are always spotted by vehicle mileage check

    Car ownership

    The way vehicles were used in the past is reflected in the car ownership section. If the vehicle was used as a taxi or a rental car, our vehicle history report will show all the necessary records.

    Window Sticker Lookup

     Wondering about the interior or exterior features and options? Want to know important information on vehicle safety and fuel costs? Well get a window sticker and get the facts today!

    The window sticker or build sheet is a rich source of essential information about your automobile. The window sticker helps  you to know exactly what’s included particularly in a car. This details include:


    Get our Custom Window Stickers and increase your dealership brand awareness, display vehicle prices alongside other important features

    Our Dealers Program
    Solutions for car dealerships and automotive service providers
    Dealer program


    Scan and decode any VIN number with our OCR API, we offer advanced scanning and decoding, leveraging our proprietary technology to detect vehicle trim at the highest standards in the automotive industry providing accurate vehicle specifications, and vehicle history reports.


    Do you require a custom mobile app for your dealership? Do you need to scan VINs or barcodes in seconds without errors? Do you want to look up vehicle recalls or repairs with estimates and details? Look no further, connect with us to get a customized mobile app or website for your business needs today.


    Dealerships can access our unlimited window sticker subscription packages. With our custom window stickers dealers can showcase their brand. Sell your cars with customized or branded window stickers with your business logo and branding giving customers the full overview of the vehicle they will spend on.


    Are you dealing with trade ins or buying vehicles at auctions? use our tool to make better purchasing decisions . Up to 10 images on every record with pertinent information on the vehicle required to help you make better purchasing decisions.

    Used Car Blog

    Explore useful resources from our seasoned auto-experts, auto-mechanics as they give you information, education and entertainment with respect to the auto industry, find relevant information on important used car hot topics, such as auto crash, odometer roll back, accidents, safety recalls, VIN check, VIN decoding, license plate lookup and lots more.

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    About Detailed Vehicle History

    With more than 10 years of experience in the auto industry, Detailed Vehicle History prides itself on being the leader in providing detailed vehicle history reports that show up to date historical data of any used vehicle.

    We are leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology to create an array of outstanding automotive products and services. Our unique optical character recognition technology has helped our customers to save both time and money.

    Each vehicle history report includes data accessed in real-time by our AI-powered system from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Insurance companies, auctions, state & federal databases, inspections, service records, recalls and more.

    car check

    Enter your VIN and watch our AI -powered system will compile history records for your vehicle

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    Get a detailed vehicle history report  on any new or used car, trucks, bikes, classic cars, recreational vehicles, trailers and heavy trucks.

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    For each VIN check our system access a and  verify details from the DMV, NMVTIS, auctions, insurance, police, state & federal records and other exclusive data sources

    Save Thousands of Dollars
    Check the history of the vehicle you want to buy or sell beforehand