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The Detailed Vehicle History dealership program provides you with various packages tailored to suit the needs of your business!
Leverage our ultra-modern, seamless, growth-friendly products and services and quadruple your dealership business growth!
  • Sell faster with our window sticker
  • Subscription packages, bulk packages, affordable plans
  • Support for classic vehicle & modern vehicle stickers
  • Most detailed vehicle reports in the market
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Build a trustworthy brand with our vehicle history reports
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Our Products and Services

Vehicle History Reports

Selling used vehicles? Arm your clients with a detailed vehicle history report for any vehicle of their choice in your garage and reassure them of the quality you provide.

Did you know?

75% of used car buyers are influenced by a vehicle history report (NJstateauto) So, if you are in the business of car buying and selling. arm your clients with a detailed vehicle history report for any vehicle of their choice in your garage and reassure them of the quality you provide. Leverage any of our vehicle history report dealer subscription plans now
Window sticker by vin

Window Sticker

Do you want to sell faster? Abide by governmental laws? Show customers technical specs, prices, specifications, options, and packages at a glance. Then leverage the dealer’s special window subscription package and sell even faster! Detailed Vehicle History provides support for classic and modern vehicles.

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Custom-built websites

Detailed Vehicle History in-house developers will design, build and deploy a custom website to suit your business brands. We build apps for business, for example, a service/maintenance app can enable your customers to know when next to service their vehicle, we can enable you to send custom recall information! And integrate our services such as window stickers, vehicle history reports, and more!

Did you know?

18% of auto shoppers would buy a vehicle sooner if there were an online purchase option. (ThinkWithGoogle) is your dealership online? Let’s fix that!

Mobile Application Integration

Do you want to put your business in the pockets of your clients? Let us help you get your dealership business a mobile application and get your clients to access your showroom and services anywhere anytime.

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License Plate Lookup services

Unlike other providers Detailed Vehicle History database is up-to-date and provides dealerships with the best licensee plate lookup services.

Support for classic vehicles

What could be more fascinating than old engines with a body that turns necks? Do you have classic wares in your showroom? Then this package is for you, signup up today and gains access!

We provide support for the following at an affordable price:

Our packages Vs our Competitors

Our vehicle history report vs our competitors

Gain access to the API powering this website

Do you envy the huge functionalities associated with this site? Well, they can be all yours in a customized fashion.
Vehicle Databases offers the following APIs and More


License Plate API

VIN Decoding API

Window Sticker API & more